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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Tears of Lady Liberty?

In a recent CNN 'New Day' interview with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright she expressed her concern over the recent immigration/refugee ban now being imposed by President Trump via an Executive Order (EO) which was issued earlier in the week. The EO, wrongly labeled a "Muslim Ban" by certain liberal FAKE news organizations curtails immigration from seven predominately Islamic nations fingered by former President Obama as Islamic states which foment radical Islamic sentiment (although the former feckless president would never call them radical). Following the lead of other past leaders President Trump issued the EO which covers travel bans to the United States on those from the seven nations for 90 days and others for 120 days until his new State Department and Judicial Department, working closely with the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security can come up with a much better immigration vetting process than has been employed over the last eight years under the Obama Administration.

There has been much polarization over President Trump's actions relating to his order by those within the Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media and the brainless liberal left, including people who should know better like Secretary Albright.

“The Statue of Liberty’s message is in fact, one of open arms and welcoming people,” Albright said in the interview. “And I do think that there are tears in the eyes of the statue at the moment. And I do think that the whole aspect of this, in terms of deciding that our safety and security depends on keeping people out rather than welcoming people and understanding what this country is about. So I think it’s just flat anti-American.”

Her comment(s) left me wondering if Lady Liberty teared up when President Franklin D. Roosevelt locked up American Japanese CITIZENS in internment camps after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor while doing nothing to hinder the liberties of German American citizens, or when President Eisenhower deported hispanic immigrants by the hordes in what was a not so PC program called Operation Wetback in the 1950's; and when President Jimmy Carter deported Iranian students from our shores after the Iranian hostage situation in 1979. Or, when President Clinton issued his massive deportation orders after his 1993 State of the Union Address in an effort to curb the flow of illegal immigration into the country and when President Obama did exactly the same in 2011 after stating he legally could/would not stop deportation of illegal aliens via EO? Where was the rage, the angst and protesting from the left then?

So, I ask, was Lady Liberty more hard-hearted back in the day, or, are these liberal assholes simply politicizing the issue? I think we all know the answer to those questions.

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