Monday, November 7, 2016

One Last Plea To The American Voter

This will be my last election post for this cycle. I will make it short and sweet.

Every rational, logical and intelligent thinking person KNOWS Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a liar and a heartless human being who has used her and her husband's power and influence to build up their personal wealth by illegal means or by skirting the edges of legality for over 30 years. They have created and used the "non-profit" Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative to line their pockets with cash and corrupt global power. She believes she is entitled to be president of our great nation. Her record as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State have been dismal at best and has cost the lives of countless men and women across the globe. Her close ties to the Judicial Department are very suspect. Casting a ballot for her makes you an accomplice to all her crimes, felonies and misdemeanors.

If you like the status quo and enjoy keeping her kind of company and wish to have her rule over you for the next four to eight years then you have turned your back on the very foundational principles that have set the direction for this nation since its founding in 1776 and you will be found GUILTY by future generations as those who brought this country to its knees economically, militarily and morally. If that is a tragic burden you wish to tote on your back for years to come then cast your vote for Hillary Clinton and march blindly into the clouded mist of a certain future of UN control over your Constitutional rights so many have bled and died for, an economy totally directed by the whims and wishes of the global elite and a continuation of stagnation, war and want. This will be your and my future if you pull the lever for Clinton. Don't drag the rest of us down with you, we will continue fighting you and her until our dying breath.

For many of us the choice is very clear....What I described above or a vote for Donald Trump. What will the future look like under his leadership? We cannot know for sure but if he is able to do even a small 10% of what he hopes to accomplish for the nation and its people will automatically set the feet of the country back on its proper path of economic recovery, military strength, protected borders and jobs returning to American soil. We know without any doubt what awaits us if Clinton is elected. As Mr. Trump says, "what have you got to lose" by voting Trump? The choice this time is very very clear. The future for at least a generation is at stake. I suppose I am pleading in a way because I love my nation and do not want Hillary Rodham Clinton to destroy my beloved. VOTE TRUMP and ensure at least a chance at making America great, prosperous, strong and safe once again.

Take back what has been slowly slipping away since 1988.

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