Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Tip for Donald J. Trump for the Next 54 Days and the Debates

Be Donald, but learn a Muhammad Ali tactic - Rope-A-Dope.

Don't give in to the natural temptation to come out as overly aggressive and confrontational.

Pick your battle stealthily.

Don't respond to every punch delivered to you by the other side.

Learn, observe and calculate while on the rope of their attack and then choose your spot, and without hesitation, deliver that deadly blow!

If Elected Hillary Clinton Will Not Survive Her First Term

If being president can do this after 8 years to young healthy persons image what it will do to Hillary Rodham Clinton in just a few months considering her current age and physical/mental condition.

While it is true Donald Trump is no spring chicken himself (age 70), however, by appearances he is so much stronger and healthier than Clinton. In fact, campaigning seems to invigorate him while it is destroying Hillary's health who will be turning age 69.

If Clinton is elected it's likely she will never survive her first term in office. Voters really should seriously consider this reality before casting a vote for her even if she is preferred by them over Trump. We simply don't need the high percentage chance that the next president will die in office when it could be avoided by simply casting a vote for one of the other 3 candidates currently running.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Disqualified Based on Health Alone

They can lie, spin this and even ignore its importance but Hillary Rodham Clinton is seriously ill and is now disqualified to be President based on her health alone .... as well as all her other legal issues after 35 years have finally caught up with her.

First they said it was the heat (only 78 degrees at the event with a nice late summer breeze). Now they claim it's pneumonia. There is no way you treat pneumonia on a 69 year old person by taking them to their daughter's apartment. The elderly (those above age 65) are very susceptible to pneumonia. It can kill. If she truly had this respiratory condition then she would have been taken to a hospital to be checked out as to what kind of pneumonia it was ... viral, bacterial, etc. and been placed on a course of treatment that would take weeks for recovery. You certainly don't release them onto the general public or have them embrace a young child for a photo-op just 2 hours after the health-breakdown episode.

Based upon all the visual thus far, and without having seen her actual health records my best guess is she suffers from parkinson's disease. Everything we have been a witness to over the last year with the former Secretary's health is textbook parkinson's or some other yet undisclosed similar neuromuscular disorder. All the symptoms are there and visible for the trained eye to see.

Presidential Qualifers

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