Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gun Control Legislation's True Agenda

Much has been stated about the ultra-liberal Democratic sit-in that took place last week on the floor of the House of Representatives. However, what hasn't been stated is what the real agenda of a great number of those who participated in this stunt show is. Of all those Congresspersons who participated twenty-six are registered gun owners themselves. One (Rep. Charles Rangel) even went so far to justify their own gun ownership and having protection from gun toting security people as something they (those in power) deserve because "Law-abiding citizens just shouldn't have to carry guns." But when confronted by the fact that he does he retorted with a laugh, "Well that’s a little different. I think we deserve–I think we need to be protected down here.” So, Charlie deserves to be protected but the average, law abiding citizen shouldn't be guaranteed that same kind of self-protection. That my friends is what we mean by the Elites and Hypocrites. And, it is the feeling and mindset of those on the progressive left.

There is a goal of these who literally do want to take guns from "law abiding citizens." The ultimate aim of most of those on the far left is to eliminate all gun ownership.

All of these little nicks and tears into the Second Amendment (death by a thousand paper cuts) have the real purpose of taking the teeth out of it to the point it can be removed and replaced with a new amendment that eradicates all guns from American citizens.

I'm not saying everyone of those in Congress who are for more gun control legislation think this way but they are being used by those who do, (the Warrens, Rangels, and many others). They should have the common sense to realize this. When one begins chipping away at those amendments which guarantee the kind of liberties our Founders envisioned then eventually their vision becomes nothing more than a long forgotten dream and the society that was once governed by them become nothing more than pawns of the elites and powerful with absolutely no way of defending themselves.

What scares these elites more than anything else and has prevented them from a complete negation of the Constitution at this point is the over 300 million guns within the hands of this country's citizens. Their desire is for, as much as is possible, a peaceful takeover but doing so now would result in a bloodbath and, to date, they wish to avoid that. However, with more power distributed to them this could easily change. Case in point is the disaster called The Patriot Act, which was a direct attack on the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution. It ensures that the government can totally disregard them just at the mere hint of a problem without any real pre-investigative work or simply at the whim of the ruling powers leaving the citizens without any kind of rights or due process. The same will occur if the ruling class can either weaken or remove the Second Amendment. They know that the only protection for full removal of the First and Fourth is the protection the Second affords.

As concerned citizens we must remain vigilant, involved in our government and avid voters with one interest - that of preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States, a pledge that all these members of Congress and the Executive Branch swore an oath to do but in many cases have failed miserably at. Therefore, it falls to us - We the People.

The future for you and your children belongs in your well-armed hands.

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