Saturday, March 26, 2016

Islam - Amalek: A Connection?

What I am about to say will seem harsh, unrealistic and perhaps uncivilized barbarism to many in this lost worldwide politically correct environment we have created for ourselves. But I ask which is the most barbaric - allowing the current Islamic trend of killing, destruction and bombings to continue as in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, etc., or bring it to a final end? You decide.

Growing up I always had a problem with one particular story in the Bible. It took place during the reign of King Saul of Israel. G-d, through the prophet Samuel had commanded the king to go into the the cities of the Amalekites and wipe out every man, woman, child and even their livestock from the land. Of course, Saul being a politically correct thinker in his time didn't and paid dearly for that mistake, as did the whole House of Israel. I simply couldn't understand why a G-d of love, who cared so deeply for Its people and Its creation would command such a thing. Now I get it. ISLAM IS AMALEK.

Just like them Islam teaches its children from birth to hate anything and anyone not of Islam. While the mothers suckle their babes at their breast the milk of hatred is fed to them one drop at a time and they grow feeding on this hatred their whole lives until it finds an outlet in death and chaos. They will destroy any nation they enter, just like the Amalekites. Islam and all who follow, like those ancient peoples of old must go or the world will be destroyed by them. There is no negotiating with them, no appeasing them, no political correct way of bringing them into the fold. They must be totally and unequivocally removed from the face of the Earth.

G-d and Samuel got it right regardless of how brutal their ways and means may appear to our Saul-like PC hearts and minds.

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