Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Sheep Are Waking Up From Their Long Sleep

While it must be admitted that for most Americans the only insight into the "Dump Trump" protesters in Chicago and St. Louis over the last two days is from a media that loves to create and foment a continued environment of division and chaos. However, that being said it appears that those familiar with the tactics of shouting out and causing confusion to ensure freedom of speech is not allowed for anyone they do not agree with instead of providing a place for honest debate on the differences expressed in the opposing ideologies. Trump & his supporters have the right to congregate and express their views (short of violence) and those who disagree also have the same right (short of violence). Shouting down and physically abusing those whom you disagree with has never been a productive means of expressing one's 1st Amendment Right. That goes for both sides in this ridiculous campaign season.

Gov. John Kasich and other political and media types have stated that "Donald Trump has created a toxic environment." This shows just how out of touch most politicians and the mainstream media are with what is going on in America. Mr. Trump hasn't created this toxic environment, he has EXPOSED it for all to see. He has, by his speeches, his rhetoric scrapped off the thin outer coat of political correctness that has been attempting to keep the real condition of this country hidden from the brainless, sleeping sheep of this nation. Well, Governor and others, the sheep are waking up, the scales are lifting from their eyes and they are mad as hell. Why blame Trump for a condition you have created in D.C. and throughout this country for the last 20+ years? This falls squarely in your laps and the sheep are saying NO MORE!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Judge Pirro Sends Message to Romney and Republican Establishment

Judge tells it like it is. She has set the alarm clock and hopefully those watching and listening to her common sense and patriotic anger will WAKE UP to the truth she speaks.

"You're so offended by Trump's language but not Barack Obama's condemnation of those who cling to God and guns."In tonight's opening statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Mitt Romney for his speech against Donald J. Trump.

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Presidential Qualifers

Since the day that Donald J. Trump officially announced his candidacy for the Office of United States President back in 2015 his qualificati...