Monday, October 17, 2016

Nationalism vs. Globalism: Liberty vs. Tyranny

This coming election (November 8, 2016) is the most important election since the founding of the United States of America. That is a bold statement but one that fits the scenario those living in 21st Century America are facing. The election of the next President of the United States and those running for seats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will determine the direction of the nation, and by default, the entire world for generations. That is how important this time around is. It will literally decide the fate of the world.

The bottom line for voters, as the world awaits with baited breath, is not Donald J. Trump’s sexual allegations or even the myriad of Hillary Clinton scandals that have plagued the nation for decades and the WikiLeaks revelation of those questionable actions, words and strategies put forth by the former Secretary of State and her staff. The real issue in this election is far removed from these obvious distractions.

The bottom line? Nationalism versus Globalism. Liberty versus a one world government formally known by many as The New World Order. That is at the heart and soul of these upcoming elections.

This New World Order has been in the making for quite some time but really didn’t get a good strong foothold on American soil until the year 1976 (200 years after the official formation of America in 1776) with the election of Jimmy Carter for president. He set the framework which built upon the foundation laid by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the late 1930’s and helped foster the plans for just such a move from a Constitutional Republic to the beginnings of a more socialistic, politically correctable institution in which the Constitution, while being paid lip service, was beginning to be relegated as nothing more than an antiquated documented to only be viewed under glass and not practiced by the ruling class as the founders had intended.

Over time both major political parties in the United States publicly appeared to be on opposite ends of just about every major issue the nation faced but privately strove to achieve the same goal of globalism built and created in their own image and idealism, however the ultimate goal of each remained the same — moving the country from a national agenda to a global one in which for the Democrats America would be simply one nation among many in their global initiative while for the Republicans a one world government being the goal it would be led and headed by The United States as the Top One Among Many.

What makes this election so critical is that for the first time since 1976 there is a distinct dichotomy between the GOP nominee for president and his own party. Mr. Trump is not a globalist. He is a nationalist. He is America first and foremost in all things. He is at direct odds with his own party elite who are moderate to conservative globalist and the Democratic nominee who, privately is more like the GOP elite than her own party, but publicly is carrying her party’s banner of a socialistic New World Order. Because Trump holds such old fashioned views of America’s greatness in its past and its possibilities for a grand future he has become an enemy of the powerful globalist within his own party, the opposition party and the corporate media machine that has chosen to be fully in the tank for Secretary Clinton’s Saul Alinsky vision of the future. It has put Mr. Trump on an ideological war on three fronts.

The nation and the world in general are now at a serious crossroads. What gets decided by the American people on November 8th will determine the direction of the entire world that will affect the lives of billions of people for at least the next 40 to 80 years due mainly to the kind of ideologues the next president will place on the nation’s Supreme Court which could be up to at least 4 new justices over the next 4 to 8 years. This is unprecedented.

Will the people decide to side with George H.W. Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton with their New World Order agenda? Or, will the American people go the way of BREXIT and keep America firmly the leader and champion of the Free World striving to continue the dream of their forefathers of independence who left the tyranny of a ruling class in favor of at least a modicum of individual freedom and liberty?

The answer to that all important question will be answered in just a few weeks. One can only hope that the average American voter is cognizant of just how important and life changing this election will be for them, the country and the world and will look beyond the mainstream media distractions being forced upon them and will keep their eye on the prize, that being their hard fought for Liberty.

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