Thursday, September 1, 2016

Illegal Immigration - What's All the Fuss?

My language will be a bit course for this posting about illegal immigration. Why use it? Because, as recent history has proven, nice words aren't getting through.

I want someone to explain why everyone gets so upset with Donald Trump or any other candidate because they are tough on immigration.

The Republican nominee may be rough on illegals (notice I'm talking about ILLEGAL aliens not LEGAL immigrants). The United States has countless immigration laws on its books that are NOT being enforced and whenever Trump or anyone concerned about this issue makes a tough statement many loud and obnoxious folk get their panties in a bunch. What has Trump actually said about ILLEGAL immigration that isn't true? Are not many of those who come across our southern border drug mules? Are not many who illegally come across our borders rapists, murderers? Are not ALL ILLEGAL immigrants coming across our borders LAW BREAKERS? I don't give two shits if they are coming here because life is hard for them in Mexico and Central America. There is a LEGAL PROCESS. All Trump and others want is for the U.S. government to enforce its existing immigration laws and for everyone wishing to enter the United States to get in line and do so LEGALLY.

So what is the fucking problem dipshits? Oh ... just one more thing airheads

- If you came to this country ILLEGALLY then yes, you are a fucking CRIMINAL under our laws. Just like any American entering Mexico ILLEGALLY is also a fucking CRIMINAL under Mexico's laws.

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