Thursday, September 15, 2016

If Elected Hillary Clinton Will Not Survive Her First Term

If being president can do this after 8 years to young healthy persons image what it will do to Hillary Rodham Clinton in just a few months considering her current age and physical/mental condition.

While it is true Donald Trump is no spring chicken himself (age 70), however, by appearances he is so much stronger and healthier than Clinton. In fact, campaigning seems to invigorate him while it is destroying Hillary's health who will be turning age 69.

If Clinton is elected it's likely she will never survive her first term in office. Voters really should seriously consider this reality before casting a vote for her even if she is preferred by them over Trump. We simply don't need the high percentage chance that the next president will die in office when it could be avoided by simply casting a vote for one of the other 3 candidates currently running.

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