Monday, July 11, 2016

Donald J. Trump - A Bad Man?

It has been just over a year since Mr. Donald J. Trump announced his run for the presidency of The United States of America. It has been a year of extremes to say the least. He has brought a more divergent mix of voters into the primary polling booths than any other candidate since the creation of the Republican party. He has also upset more established members of both political parties than any candidate in American history.

The divide between those who love Trump and those who despise him is wider than the farthest point in the Grand Canyon and that divide looks like it may never be bridged. Those who seem to be the most negatively outspoken over Trump are those well established Republican and Democrat Party NWO elites. Yet, I am a bit confused and unable to grasp their chagrin over this man’s throwing his hat in their supposed ring.

Before June 2015 Donald Trump was not an unknown quantity in the business world, political circles, mainstream news media or the entertainment industry. He has been in the public eye on some level for over three decades. He has appeared on countless news shows, talk shows and even had his own successful reality television show, “The Apprentice.” The people have known about Trump and those in the political and news media certainly have known him personally and have known about his true character. So, why now, at Trump’s age of 70 years is he all of a sudden this really bad man who will kill Mexicans, throw Muslims into the sea and force women into jails if they seek an abortion? Is there any proof to these accusations about the man we find coming mostly from politicos and a left-leaning news media?

If thirty years of on-the-record material will suffice then the answer would have to be that Mr. Trump is not a racist, and while, like many wealthy men he loves having beautiful women and fine things around him, he certainly has proven by his hiring practices, professionalism with women that work for him and work with him he is not misogynistic nor like Bill Clinton, a fondler and sexual abuser of women. As to the charge of racism, again his decades long track record of hiring practices and dealing with many ethnic groups in New York and across the globe have proven just how inaccurate that charge is. It is true that he has been married three times; so has my Mom and she was a great woman of fine character and moral discipline. So, I have learned to never judge a person on how many times it took to meet the right mate.

Is he a billionaire that has likely made some of his wealth off the labor and hard work of others? Of course! Show me a billionaire that hasn’t. However, has he profited in his business dealings by breaking laws just to get whatever it was he fancied - be it land, a building, an office of stature or power? Again, the record proves otherwise. Like any quality professional he knows how to make the laws of his nation and those countries he must deal with work to his advantage. That’s not felonious behavior. It reveals a level of brilliant business and political sense; something that has been lacking far too long in the Oval Office and in the halls of Congress.

The real racists and hypocrites are those currently in power and are so desperate to hang on to it. One has to love how the Democratic and the Republican elite like to call Donald J. Trump just about everything in the book (and a few things not even in the book) yet for three decades were very happy to take his monetary donations while seeking him to stump the campaign trail for them. For me, that says a lot more about them than about Mr. Trump.

So, it was okay for those in power to take money from someone they supposedly considered a racists, a womanizer and hater of anything non-white and non-Christian. It was just fine when they encouraged him to speak for them but now that he uses his money for his own campaign, speaks for himself and calls out their hypocrisy he is suddenly and miraculously become this new bigot, misogynist and racists.

The Hillary Clintons’, the MSNBCs’ and most of the leftist print news media would have those in America and throughout the world believe something we have all known not to be true about Donald J. Trump - that he is "not qualified" to lead the nation. If anyone has proven themselves to be unqualified to lead it is Hillary Rodham Clinton as she continues to skirt the legal edges of propriety and a media that will jump on any bandwagon that pushes the mainstream’s progressive agenda. They can be crooked as a twisted pretzel, guilty of the worst atrocities and be of real questionable character, but if they are at the helm of progressive liberalism and leftist ideology they are the good guy and anyone not onboard is a racist pig, bigot, hater and divider.

Oh how I love D.C.'s elitist attitude and double-standards.

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