Friday, June 17, 2016

Are We Insane Fearful Children or Thinking Adults?

I saw someone post that about 80% of Americans want more gun control. I'm not sure those numbers are accurate but even if they are if memory serves me correctly after 9/11 the numbers in support of Bush's Patriot Act were very high in the upper 80 percentile and look where there has gotten us - NSA listening in on our phone calls, watching every damn thing we view on the internet (when I'm talking we I mean regular citizens, not terror suspects) with the ability to enter our homes, pull us over and search us and our property without cause or warrant ... if arrested we aren't even guaranteed a phone call any longer.

Making these kinds of life changing legislative decisions so soon after such an emotional disaster like 9/11 or any of the other terror activities is insanity at its best. Before we lurch headlong into literally destroying the fabric of our Constitutional freedoms for the sake of some false feeling of security that no government can actually provide 100% regardless of the laws it enforces against its people, we need to sit, catch our collective breath and unemotionally think any legislation through before giving these power-hungry, treasonous characters in D.C. any more power over our lives because we feel like unsafe children. Time to become adults and take some personal responsibility for our own protection because if we don't we will soon find that our greatest enemy isn't some radical Islamist or any other kind of terror fringe group (be it homegrown or imported from abroad) but our greatest threat will be the very government that begins ruling us with an Iron Fist.

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