Monday, March 14, 2016

Is It Trump Violence?

I find it simply astonishing to witness that since June 2015 Donald Trump has been holding meetings and rallies with audiences numbering in the tens of thousands with little to no confrontations like we saw over this past weekend in Chicago, St. Louis, and the overt attack on his personal life in Dayton, OH.

His speeches and rhetoric have remained the same over the last nine months with very little impact or heightened violent activity from his supporters in the crowds. However, once Bernie Sanders supporters and those from the ultra-left-wing liberal group called started showing up in mass at his rallies then violence breaks out as those two groups go in and try to curtail the First Amendment Rights of the attendees to Mr. Trump's rallies.

My observations are unbiased and I am not a supporter of Mr. Trump, as I am leaning toward another candidate within the Republican ranks at this time. My comments are a very simple and pragmatic view of what I have been witnessing over the last several months since this race for the nominations began - in both parties.

Mr. Trump cannot be held responsible for how his supporters react to his rhetoric or the obvious intrusion into those rallies by factions who do not support his candidacy and have one goal - that is, to interrupt, cause confusion, mayhem, chaos and distraction to the ongoing political process. Those coming in from the Sanders and camps aren't even registered Republicans yet they feel they have the right to involve themselves in this Republican Party process of picking a candidate for that party. If this were the general election and Mr. Trump was up against either Senator Bernie Sanders or Secretary Hillary Clinton then I could understand their involvement at that time. However, this is a Republican Party primary event so the goal of the disrupters is nothing more than a concerted effort on the part of those on the Left, and which is being allowed, tolerated and even encouraged by those within the establishment Republican Party to derail Mr. Trump's obviously successful ongoing campaign for President. And, the fact that the media in general are playing up this distraction is just another indicator of just how far the United States has slipped from the grasps of its founder's ideal.

If, those in the Sanders camp and those who subscribe to the rehtoric of wish to make their voices heard about their disgust for Mr. Trump then use your constitutional mandate and let your voice be heard at the ballot box not in the arena of violence, assassination attempts, while creating an environment of hate. If they don't then we have yet to see how badly this can become and we all will be witnesses of the decline of American politics to the lowered depths of third world bigotry and destruction.

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