Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Robotic History Is Made

Meet Pepper. It is a highly developed robot which will be the first ever television host and emcee of a TV Tokyo daily children’s series titled “Oha-sta.” Pepper also is making history by being the very first robot capable of reading human emotions and responding appropriately.

What may be the most surprising thing about Pepper is that although it will be featured as the main star of its own television show in Japan, a country most recognized as a giant in the robotics industry, Pepper is not a product of Japanese technology. It was developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a country based in France. But, relax it is still a product of the robotics geniuses from Japan since Aldebaran Robotics is a subsidiary of Japan’s own SoftBank, Inc.

On “Oha-sta” Pepper will not only host the show but also will provide entertainment by means of dancing, singing, emceeing games and other performance surprises. Currently Pepper is busy doing commercials for SoftBank and making personal live appearances hawking its new TV show.

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