Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Malcolm Butler Knows About Gut Feelings

Rookie New England Patriots Cornerback had a premonition that he would make a game changer play in this year’s Superbowl XLIX game played in Phoenix, Arizona.

I don’t think even he realized how big a deal his vision would cause within the ranks of American football enthusiasts and sports writers.

True to his internal gut feeling, Malcolm Butler, the un-drafted rookie not only made a miraculous play but it happened in the final crucial seconds of the game, on the one-yard line and his interception of Russell Wilson’s pass attempt prevented the Seattle Seahawks from scoring just the number of points they needed to defeat the Patriots.

Malcolm Butler has been given some first-class treatment since the event, garnering accolades from fellow teammates, the Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick, the team’s owner Bob Kraft, the press and most importantly football fans from across the nation - except perhaps those in the State of Washington.

He has also reaped some concrete awards including a free trip to Disneyland and yes, a brand new Chevy Silverado fully loaded truck from his quarterback Tom Brady. Because of Butler’s save interception Mr. Brady was awarded the Super Bowl MVP and even Tom knows that if it hadn’t been for the rookie cornerback that MVP would have been carried off by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. I bet Mr. Butler will likely also see a bit of a jump in his paycheck as well.

Butler is very young and barring any injuries has many more years of professional play before him, but it is highly unlikely he will ever capture a moment in football history as he did on that fateful Sunday night in Phoenix.

Listen to your gut - it can reap great reward

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