Monday, February 23, 2015

ISIS Unravels 50 Years of Feminism

Years of hard earned inroads for women's equal rights undone by tweets

What has taken Western women living in the United States and Western Europe over five decades to gain has been wiped clean in a matter of months through the efforts and successes of the ISIS online campaign to recruit Western women and young girls into their ranks.

ISIS, and other terror groups such as Al Qaeda have proven themselves adept at using modern internet technology to spread their false message of hope and deliverance from the influence of Satan’s lure. Using their young wives and daughters living in America and Europe, these organizations have put a call out to these girls of the West to join them in their struggle against the break-up of family structures, the raising of children without the so-called brainwashing of the Western education system, or those imposed by the media and entertainment industries.

Groups like ISIS (the Islamic State) are telling American women and girls that what they have been spoon-fed over the last decade about the jihadist way of life has been a lie, the anti-Islamic propaganda straight out of the pages of a George Orwell novel. Through the pleas of jihadist women who write these siren calls on the pages of social media Western women, particularly those between the ages of 16 to 20, are instructed to come to countries like Iraq, marry jihadist men so that structure and purpose can be returned to their lives, or, perhaps for the first time in their lives. The sense of family and communal commitment can be achieved giving these girls a feeling of belonging.

This all sounds a little trite if it weren't for the fact that this strategy from ISIS appears to be having some success. Their message seems to appeal to a certain strata of female Western society. Women and young girls who have lacked any kind of commitment from fathers, husbands or male friends are drawn in by a message suited to their already depleted sense worth and self-esteem. They are being told in social media that the promises of feminism has failed them. These girls are told that unlike what they have been taught for years, they and all women are not equal to men. It is the man who is the leader of the home, the cities, the States, the countries and the world. Women hold the important place of distinction in the heart and mind of Allah as those responsible for ensuring the household is run according to the dictates of the Qur’an and the desires of her husband. It is considered by Allah to be more important than that of a leader of worlds because it is she who instills into the heart and mind of her children the sole task of introducing their young to the teachings of Islam in the home. She does so by her “holy” example of subservience to Allah, Islam and man. Once this balance, which only Islam can restore, is brought into their lives then their path to purpose can be achieved.

The call of ISIS to young men from the West to join their ranks has, for the most part, fallen on deaf ears except for the rare few who are already mentally or emotionally challenged. However, they have succeeded with women because they have wisely called upon them to join, not as martyrs, not to fire bullets or rockets and not to blow up other’s children or families in buses, nightclubs and restaurants. No, their call to Western women is done in such a way that it knocks on the inherent nurturing nature, that internal drive to bring peace and harmony to the world, beginning in the world of family and community. This message is beginning to shows signs of its effectiveness on the mindset of Western women and girls as more and more drift into the clutches of the ISIS lie.

All it would take to dissuade these bright and caring women to wake up and smell the jihadist terror is one video of the beheading of an innocent hostage, especially a female one. The mowing down of small children, their parents and city leaders; or, the burning alive of one of the many ISIS victims of atrocity. But, these women will never be shown these horrendous acts of terror performed by ISIS, particularly once they are enveloped by other ISIS women and thrust down by their male overlords. There is never any mention by these so-called sisters of Islam of the strict dress code that will be imposed upon them, their lack of continuing education except into the jihadist way of interpretation of the teachings of Mohammed, the penalties for doing something as innocent as disagreeing with her husband even if it is over a small matter. That penalty is usually a severe beating by the husband but could end with a public stoning by her community while her fellow sisters look on with disgust in her.

What is saddest of all is that many of these young women may one day be called upon to strap on that bomb-vest, plant that explosive device on a bus or under the seat at a diner, pick up that weapon. By then, however they will be in such fear of disobeying or have been so indoctrinated into the misguided and dangerous worldview of the jihadist that they will actually believe in their hearts they are doing the will of Allah, their husband, their fellow Islamic sisters, their family and their beloved Islam.

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