Monday, January 12, 2015

Al-Jazeera News: Unknowingly Biased Against Israel or Just An Arm of Muslim-Arab Propaganda?

I watched an Al-Jazeera-American network news documentary tonight that showed how Israel was the instigator of the 1967 Six Day War by attacking Egypt. I'm getting a little tired of these so-called news agencies revising history. Masking itself as a report on the accidental firing by Israeli jets on an American naval vessel (USS Liberty) on June 8, 1967, its real purpose became transparent to anyone who is aware of the actual historic details of the incident and what transpired over those six days of all out war in Israel.

I was very much around in 1967 and the Al-Jazeera documentary is a mockumentary at best and a total distortion of what really took place on that day when Israel was attacked on three fronts by the Arab nations of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. After smaller incursions from Palestinian fighters and terrorists crossing over from Lebanon and Syria earlier in the year that resulted in Israeli victories over these Arab insurgent infiltrators an all out attack began on June 5, 1967 by a confederation of Arab-Muslim States known as The United Arab Republic (UAR) and ended on June 10, 1967 with the total defeat of the UAR and Israel regaining the Sinai Peninsula (which they eventually gave back to Egypt), all of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, The Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and the West Bank. In a diplomatic move (and one that has proven over time to be a big mistake on Israel's part) then General Moshe Dayan returned the Temple Mount back to Muslim control but kept the Western Wall as a place for Jews.

Dayan should have kept control over the entire Temple Mount and oversaw the destruction of that monstrosity known by most in the West as the Dome of the Rock. But, since we Jews put respect for all faiths and sacred places as a primary principle of our existence Dayan followed that inner guidance of respect and allowed the Qubbat As-Sakhrah to remain. That may have been one time he should have let his military sense override that respect -- but we shall never know.

In any regard the Al-Jazeera report was so full of fallacies and inaccurate reporting that it led me to two conclusions --

1. It was either done to mislead the younger generations of Americans who may watch that channel as an alternative source of news about the events of that time period nearly 48 years ago so as to propagate the false belief that Israel is not a real ally of America and Western Democratic governance, or --

2. This lie has been so perpetuated over the last 5-decades in the Arab world that they see it as true history.

In either case what was reported was pure lies and nothing more than an hour's worth of pure propaganda bullshit.

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