Friday, January 2, 2015

“Star Trek: Renegades” Near Ready for CBS Review

"This is not your grandfather's Star Trek!"

The production for Star Trek: Renegades is nearing its completion. On February 10th, director Tim Russ and crew will have a nearly completed film ready to show CBS. The television studio is considering turning this indie film into a weekly TV show making it the first new Star Trek presence back on the small screen since Star Trek: Enterprise ended its four year run in 2005.

In its current form it will likely first be released as a big budget feature-length film, boasting a large ensemble cast that includes 61 actors and 26 different locations.

If picked up by CBS/Paramount Television the film will serve as the Renegades pilot and will bring back Star Trek to its original episodic format and continue the mission begun by Gene Roddenberry nearly a half century ago.

Star Trek: Renegades stars Trek icons Walter Koenig as Admiral Pavel Chekov and Tim Russ not only directing but also reprising his role of the Vulcan Tuvok. Joining them are an array of former Trek stars that encompasses the five decades of the television franchise including Robert Picardo, Gary Graham, Richard Herd, Manu Intiraymi. With them and new to Star Trek are veteran actors Sean Young (Blade Runner), Herbert Jefferson Jr.(Battlestar Galactica), Corin Nemec (Stargate SG1), Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and Bruce A. Young (The Sentinel), as well as indie Trek actors Vic Mignogna and Grant Imahara. Rumor has it William Shatner makes a cameo as Captain Kirk in an old recorded document.

The newest addition to the bridge will be actress Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Captain Lexxa Singh, a direct descendent of Kirk’s greatest nemesis Khan Noonien Singh and the female protagonist for the film.

Some of the aliens presented will of course be Klingons and Vulcans, as well as Betazoids, Bajorans, Cardassians, the Breen, Orions, Andorians and several new species not yet encountered in the Trek-verse.

If Star Trek: Renegades isn’t picked up by CBS Russ plans on releasing the film independently online and DVD/Blu-ray sometime in early 2015.

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