Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Obama Sends 275 American Targets To Baghdad

President Barack Obama sends 275 troops into Baghdad. Or to put it another more accurate way - The President of the United States, no stranger to making really bad strategic decisions with the military sends in 275 potential targets for insurgents to either capture, kill or both.

In one of the worst military decision since not sending troops into Benghazi to protect and deliver the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and his entourage out of harms way, the President is now sending in a woefully undermanned group of young American soldiers to protect U.S. interests and those Americans still at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq instead of simply getting all personnel out of that country before the massive ISIS invasion force arrives.

The ISIS (aka ISIL) forces have been joined by a large contingent of Sunni fighters, members of Hussein’s old Baath Party and several tribal leaders across northern Iraq along the Syrian border.

Towns all along the roads between Syria and the Iraqi capital have been falling like legless chess pieces over the last few days with insurgents showing their strength and easily dwindling away at Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s military. Many in the West feel it is only a matter of days before Baghdad itself will fall into the hands of the ISIS, whose main goal is to turn the capital city into the central hub of a new Sunni-based Caliphate.

Military strategists in the United States are wondering exactly what kind of signal the president thinks he is sending with such a meager force of strength of only 275 troops. He surely cannot believe that such a small contingent could hold off the hundreds, possibly thousands, of ISIS fighters once they begin their attack on the Embassy and other U.S. facilities of interest. Many in the Pentagon and throughout the intelligence and military advisory echelons have been left scratching their heads over this latest decision from the American President. They, like myself, have to be wondering just who it is that Obama is getting his advice and insight from in this matter as on the surface it looks worse than fool-hardy and leaves our men and women there in definite harms way.

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