Saturday, March 15, 2014

"STOP Israeli Terrorism!" -- WHAT?

Someone posted the image below on Google+, a social media site on the interwebs. I wasn't surprised by it but felt I had to respond.

First I want to give you the comment from the person who posted the picture. His name is Monjed Abu sharar. This young man lives in the Palestinian territories and is no doubt sick and tired of the daily inspections at Israeli/Gaza/West Bank borders, the infringement of Israeli troops within Palestinian-held lands and the general Jewish populace who have, I'm sure in his opinion, confiscated his Palestinian lands and turned them into internationally recognized and U.N. sanctioned Israeli territory. I get that. Here is Monjed's rant:

"In the last few days, more than 10 Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza and West Bank. Israeli media always uses their propaganda and tries to play the role of victim. It claimed that Israeli occupation forces attacked Gaza after rockets have been fired at southern Israel. Let us suppose that was true! Why did Israeli occupation forces murder the Palestinian student Saji Darwish in Ramallah? Why did Israeli occupation forces murder the Judge Raed Zuaiter? Did they fire rockets at Israel? Were they carrying weapons? Why??!!"

I can hear the anguish in the voice of Monjed as he penned those words just as I can hear the anguished cries of Israeli citizens as they mourn over the dead bodies and destroyed homes resulting from Palestinian rocket attacks into non-military targets found in both northern and southern Israel.

Monjed isn't sure rockets have ever been fired by his people against the Israeli's but he leaves the possibility open by saying "Let's suppose that was true!" Then goes into a different direction by asking why was this or that particular individual killed by Israeli forces? Good questions. I may ask the same. Why was Abu Latyef killed by a Palestinian sniper while working on repairs to the Gaza border fence as a civilian contractor? Why was 31-year old Evyatar Borovsky, a father of five, stabbed to death in the early morning by a Palestinian terrorist as he waited for a ride at the bus station near the city of Ariel in the West Bank? Why were Mirah Scharf age 25, Aharon Smadga age 40 and Yitzhak Amselam age 22 killed when a rocket fired by Hamas terrorists in Gaza directly struck the apartment in which they lived in? Why was Said Pashpasha, the 36-year old father of three killed when terrorists infiltrated Israel from Sinai and led a coordinated attack?

We both could go on and on with the names of the victims of this ongoing war, and make no mistake about it - it is a war. The bigger question would be who is the real obstacle to peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples? It isn't the citizens of Israel nor is it the Arab citizens living in Gaza and the West Bank. It is those who have the most to gain from allowing this war of familial hatred to go unabated as it has for the last 5,000 years. Perhaps that is the question Monjed needs to be asking himself.

I would close with this simple reminder --

Over the last 30 days the Palestinian leadership in Gaza have allowed hundreds of rockets to be fired into Israel. So I say -- STOP! Palestinian Terrorism -- I don't know exactly where in Palestine you live Monjed. I live in America. If either Canada or Mexico lobed even 1 rocket into our territorial space we would flatten them immediately, without hesitation, no questions asked, and turn their country into a sea of glass. I think, Israel has shown great restraint toward those living in Palestinian-held territories over these many decades since 1948; weathering 3 major attacks from a horde of Arab nations that surround their small country - and defeating their invaders each time - and, putting up with nearly daily rocket attacks by Hamas from Gaza, border incursions by Hezbollah from Lebanon and missiles thrown over the Golan from Syria.

The Palestinians should be grateful for Israel's restraint in the face of such unwarranted attacks against them - had the Palestinian Arabs done such a thing against America or even one of their Arab neighbors there would no longer be anyone left in Gaza or the West Bank to negotiate with Israel for peace.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SyFy Channel Returns to its Sci-Fi Heritage

SyFy will be moving farther and farther away from it’s B-Movie and non-science fiction programming reputation, according to The Hollywood Reporter (THR) and Slice of SciFi (SoSF).

In an effort to rebrand itself as a more serious landing pad for good science fiction The SyFy Channel (aka Wrestling World) has decided its days of presenting low budget B-movie and reality-style entertainment will go the way of the dinosaur, or sharknado-saur. While its Sharknado films have garnered it a small loyal following of geekdom it has also brought it a large share of criticism and the bigwigs over at the network’s parent company, NBC Universal (NBCU), have decided their expansion efforts in large part have failed to bring a larger crowd of non-niche viewers, but just the opposite, it has cost them their real audience, the very expressive and loyal sci-fi fans who have been leaving by the droves since the name-change and expanded non-sci-fi programming experiment took place a few years ago.

“We want to be the best science fiction channel that we possibly can,” said SyFy president Dave Howe. “And in some respects, that means going back to the more traditional sci-fi/fantasy that fans often say they feel we've exited. We're going to occupy that space in a way we haven’t for the past few years.”

This is great news for all those science fiction fans that have had to rely on non-traditional networks to get their genre fix for several years which has cost them more in the way of dollars from their pockets as some of the best sci-fi/fantasy programming has come from pay networks such as HBO and Showtime.

SyFy is looking for its next Battlestar Galactica and that is the main reason it has decided to stop putting its resources in continuing some favorites on the channel they feel have run their course, such as Being Human and Warehouse 13. While these are fair ratings shows the network wants the time, money and people resources spent on them to go toward more expansive, grittier and sci-fi centered programming along the lines of Battlestar Galactica and its current blockbuster hits like Defiance and its international entry of Continuum. With those two latter programs the network has seen a return of its most important 18-to-40 male demographic and NBCU wants to build on that success.

According to THR and SoSF the SyFy network is concentrating on developing more space opera venues and to bring back the heydays of the “high-profile, big-budget miniseries.” The first in that effort is the return of Battlestar’s Ronald D. Moore with his current Helix series now showing on the network every Friday night. While not revealing the same promise of Battlestar Galactica, the Helix series is holding its own against such traditional network blockbuster hit series’ like CBS’s Blue Bloods starring fan favorite Tom Selleck in the same time-slot.

The best news for science fiction fans is the network’s determination to get back into space, that final frontier. “That’s the way to send a message in a big way that we’re back and we care about sci-fi,” stated SyFy executive vice president Bill McGoldrick. “There is enormous pressure to get that back, because we use to own it. And we’re going to own it again.”

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The GRIP Act Needs Your Support

Senators Mike Johanns (R-NE) and Thad Cochran (R-Miss) have co-sponsored legislation this week to prevent the creation of a national gun registry. The Gun-Owner Registration Information Protection Act, or GRIP Act, clarifies existing law that bars the federal government from storing information acquired during the firearms background check process.

The Senators from Nebraska and Mississippi have been a long-time advocates for responsible gun ownership and responsible gun laws. This legislation helps meet both of those goals and does nothing to already required background checks. It does, however, say the government cannot infringe on your constitutional rights by writing your name on the board every time you exercise your Second Amendment rights.

The GRIP Act also ensures that states and local entities that benefit from federal grant programs do not use that funding to create or support full or partial registries of firearms information.

For those who may believe that Senator Johanns is putting forth his support for this piece of legislation purely for political reasons and vote mongering in the upcoming election -- think again! The Senator is retiring from government service once his term in the Senate has expired and will not be seeking reelection. Like so many other supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution his efforts to ensure those rights continue are done out of concern over the growing infringement the federal government has been making on the rights and liberties, not given by the U.S. Constitution, but reiterated and reinforced by its amendments. The rights and freedom we possess have been endowed by our creator not any kind of government body or its documents.

Other Senators on board as co-sponsors of this bill are Senators Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Susan Collins (R-Me.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Contact your Senator and congressional representative and tell them to support the GRIP Act and its House clone to continue the good fight for freedom and liberty in America.

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