Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Aliens Night" - A Sci-Fi Short Film Review

"Aliens Night" is a kickass Italian-made sci-fi short in which the Greys finally have the tables turned on them and learn what it is like to be taken against their will and … probed!

Shot with 3D graphics, special effects on a budget that was practically zero and without your typical long list of crew support (just particles and dynamics by Matteo Migliorini), director Andrea Ricca has proven all that is needed in this digital age to make a decent and entertaining short film is a HD Camera, a computer, good writing, editing, a bit of know how in animation and 3D modeling and you’re end product can be something those in the indie film festival circuit can rave about.

Starring actress Stefani Autuori, "Aliens Night" is pure fun to watch.

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