Monday, June 23, 2014

NRA Reminds Americans of Hillary's Anti-Gun Rights Rhetoric

Hillary Clinton thinks she can blaze a trail to the White House right through the ranks of the NRA membership.

Last week, in a televised "town hall" meeting, Hillary declared that it's time to reinstate the Clinton gun ban. And then she said this about NRA members and gun owners:

"We cannot let a minority of people - and that's what it is, it is a minority of people - hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people."

This woman has nothing but contempt for you and your Second Amendment rights. She knows that the Clinton gun ban did NOTHING to prevent violent crime. And she doesn't care, because her goal has nothing to do with public safety.

Her goal is to eliminate our freedom, strip us of our fundamental right to self-defense, and destroy our American way of life.

Make no mistake: Hillary Clinton is campaigning for President. And she thinks her best path to victory is to attack, ridicule, and slander you, me, and the entire NRA family.

The best and only way to fight back against her right now is to elect a rock-solid, pro-Second Amendment majority to Congress.

Hillary Clinton and every gun-hating politician like her needs to be shown that when they support gun bans and gun control, they can expect to LOSE BIG on Election Day.

So please, support Representatives and Senators that embrace the second amendment and support the NRA in its continued fight to ensure responsible gun ownership as a fundamental right and Constitutional guarantee for all Americans.

I don't normally use my site to put forward any one organization, however, I am a responsible gun owner and have been a proud member of The National Rifle Association for years. The NRA-ILA is one of the few and certainly one of the most reputable and successful groups that are campaigning to keep Americans informed of their rights and duties and to educate voters to allow them to see which politicians are pro-freedom candidates in every critical U.S. House and Senate race across America - but they need your help as a responsible participant in the process to win.

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