Thursday, May 8, 2014

Strong Arming the Constitution? -- Again!

Variety, an entertainment publication is reporting that a legal advocacy group called Equal Justice has taken it upon themselves to begin a campaign to get the BBC and BBC America television networks to remove one of their shows from the air because of a racial slur from a member of the cast.

The show in question is the highly successful motoring show "Top Gear" and the star in question is Jeremy Clarkson (pictured in the middle). The Equal Justice has written to American President Barack Obama and at least 200 Ambassadors from countries around the globe asking them to use their government power to put pressure on the BBC to have the show lifted from its scheduled lineup or even use the laws of their respective countries to literally force its removal by banning it.

The slur was given by Clarkson when he used the old familiar racial rhyme “eeny, meeny, miny, mo, catch a n.... by the toe." While that scene from "Top Gear" never actually aired on BBC or BBC America; but one of Britain's scandal tabloids, The Daily Mirror placed a copy of the video on its website so it has made the internet circuit internationally sparking the hooplah.

Racist slurs are reprehensible but curtailing free speech by trying to ban programming on a cable channel that exists on a tier that must be paid for is also reprehensible. I certainly can't speak for how other countries should handle this situation since they are governed by a different set of laws than those found in the United States. However, here in America it would seem to me that the best way to get back at the show is for viewers to CHOOSE for themselves not to continue watching it instead of using the strong-arm of Big Brother to ban it from U.S. airways. That could lead to more deterioration of 1st Amendment rights and another page ripped from the U.S. Constitution.

Nothing says bye bye to advertisers like a severe drop-off of viewership caused by controversy. Let the show die a natural death and leave the Fed out of it or you will soon kiss-off all freedom of expression and that would spell the real death of freedom -- a truly reprehensible act.

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blucrossbreeder said...

When Political Correctness trumps truth, freedom of speech is on the way out.

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