Thursday, March 6, 2014

Senator Johanns Proves Harry Reid is a Liar

"I continue to hear from Nebraskans who are suffering due to the consequences of this law. The stories I highlighted today are just a few of the many that I’ve received since I invited Nebraskans to tell their stories last fall." -- Senator Mike Johanns

Another Senator proves the real liar in the Senate is Harry Reid - not those telling their stories on how ObamaCare has affected their lives negatively. The real question Americans should be asking themselves is why the news media has not given this Senator's (and others on the Senate floor) comments the same kind of coverage that they gave Senator Harry Reid when he spewed such venom and lies from his mouth when he basically called every American a fabricator of falsehood because they reported how ObamaCare had affected their lives in such a negative way.

Where are you MSNBC, CNN, FoxNews, ABC News and CBS News? And they say the media doesn't operate on a double standard.

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