Friday, February 7, 2014

Tyranny Song Remains the Same - Only the Singers Differ

It has become obvious that ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) was never intended to work. First it wasn't needed in it's current form. To ensure the smaller percentage of those in need of healthcare in The United States only required a lesser expensive and more responsible law that would cover those individuals not require the entire populace to get onboard, especially those who were already covered with policies they could afford and had the kind of coverage they liked or needed via self pay or employer benefit.

Secondly, if President Obama and his cronies wanted a single payer platform, which was their original expressed desire, then that is what they should have brought forward to the Congress for an up or down vote instead of this current debacle that was literally pushed through without so much as a read through when the Democrat-led Congress under then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose infamous quote "First we need to pass it to find out what's in it" will go down in history as the first most obvious sign post of the death of constitutional liberty. It's not like they were inventing the wheel all over again. Plenty of other countries have national health insurance plans that seem to work for their nations to varying degrees of success.

Why introduce a law that doesn't work, apparently was never designed to work, and has only brought more confusion and division into an already very divided nation? -- unless the goal all along was to do what other successful would-be autocrats have done for centuries -- provide enough chaos and dissension into the system from within that very system which would make the irrational, dumbed-down and uninformed public begin to wonder if the old established ways of government were no longer working in their era and get THEM to begin demanding CHANGE. This is known as "reverse revolution" - people blindly being led like sheep to the slaughter by the sinister tactics of morally deficient and power-mongering leaders into believing they want a change in their lives, government and leadership that, in the end, brings them into the very corrupt slavery they thought they were being led out of. This is how every tyrannical regime has used non-violent means to takeover from within (resorting to physical violence only when deemed necessary) and we are witnessing it happening in our lifetime in our beloved America.

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