Monday, February 24, 2014

Arrested For Jaywalking Without I.D.

"A Texas woman was dragged screaming to a police car in Austin, Texas after being arrested for failing to provide I.D. while jaywalking.

The woman, pulled to a police car in gym clothes, was captured on video shouting, "I didn't do anything wrong."

So let me see if I can understand this -- You can vote in this country without an I.D. but not jaywalk while jogging without one. Talk about screwed up priorities in this nation.

The commentary by The Young Turks is right on target for this one.

Welcome to more evidence of the growing police state in America - Land of the Not-So-Free!


Disperser said...

Most people I know worry more about getting afoul with a cop than getting mugged.

. . . you can defend yourself against a mugger . . .

cornerman11 said...

Focus on freedom, we can figure the rest out once we are free once again.

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