Sunday, January 5, 2014

State Senator Calls For 7-Day Work Week

There is a Republican State Senator in Wisconsin that is pushing legislation for a seven-day work week and many Democrats are livid over the idea.

Senator Glenn Grothman wants workers who wish to employ their labors seven days a week the opportunity to do so. Currently Wisconsin State law prevents this kind of activity. In this State every employer is required by law to allow each employee one day (twenty-four consecutive hours) of rest per week. Wisconsin is one of the few remaining States with this kind of law still actively enforced.

Democrats are fighting Grothman’s proposed legislation saying that if instituted as law it would be a real blow to worker’s rights and the death of one of their favorite progressive labor laws.

What the Democrats are overlooking is this piece of legislation, if passed in the State Senate, would be voluntary. No worker would be required to work seven days a week unless they wanted to.

The other thing liberal Democrats are overlooking is the fact of how the five or six day labor laws came into effect in this nation. Since progressives are the biggest supporters of the whole idea of separation of Church and State then they should be applauding Senator Grothman and getting aboard his bandwagon because in effect he has gotten aboard theirs.

If the history of this nation is remembered the only reason there is a five and six day work week is because Saturday is the Jewish sabbath and Sunday is the Christian sabbath.  That is the only reason the early settlers in the New World took one or both of those days off as a day of rest. Much later the progressives and unions followed suit in order to have a political negotiating tool against corporate management since for over two hundred years all workers were so use to having at least one day per week off to rest.

The concept of having at least one day of rest came straight out of the Jewish Bible (Exodus 20:8) and has nothing to do with keeping workers happy, but everything about obeying divine law and keeping their idea of G-d happy. This Republican, as his like-minded liberal/progressive Democrats, is simply willing to keep everyone unhappy - G-d and people alike.

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