Friday, January 10, 2014

"SQUIRREL!" News Reporting

The American news agencies are experiencing more glee in their effort to foster higher ratings. How are they doing that? By reporting real news events that could alter the state of America's economy, it's future as a world power? Nah! They are reporting on Governor Chris Christie's politically motivated traffic jam debacle and just how poorly he has been handling the fallout.

This is nothing more than more distraction from the real problems facing this nation. The economy, joblessness, the congressional fight over unemployment insurance and immigration, the abject failure of the online debut of Obamacare, Afghanistan, the rising of Al-Qaeda in Iraq as a real threat to stability in the region, Syria's Assad continuing the bombing of his people, the coming collapse of Egypt and increased genocide in Sudan, as well as Iran ignoring its recent agreement with the U.S. as Tehran steps up production of plutonium for a nuclear weapon; and yes, the fact that we still don't know what really happened at Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS and the .gov ACA website.

In light of what is really important in the news and the fact that we are not getting that news because SQUIRREL! we are being purposefully distracted by the Enquirer-esque reporting from what is supposed to be our primary news sources on TV and the written press.

It's a sad day in America when in order to find out what is really going on in this nation and around the world I have to tune into the RT, CCTV and Al-Jazeera networks to learn about a deadly chemical spill in West Virginia, another wave of massacre of innocents in Sudan and the death of two American soldiers in a crash over in Afghanistan. Why? Because MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS & Fox News are frothing at the mouth over this ridiculous Christie story nearly 24/7.

I have been a student of history since 1964 thanks to a social studies teacher named Mr. Martin. I have studied the rise and fall of several great empires - from Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Spain, France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and Germany. What makes the United States uniquely different from all those other great empires was how it began as a Constitutional Republic. What makes the United States almost identical to each of the past powers is how it is falling. The fall of every great empire is virtually identical - first comes small compromises that betray its founding principles, then greater and greater decisions that move the nation further and further away from its foundation until several generations have passed who have no real knowledge of what it was that made them great. Replaced in their hearts and minds is the idea that they are not really that great or exceptional or unique from any other nation and therefore have no real say or voice as to which direction the world would be better placed for future generations. Finally, over time, the whole house of cards comes falling down around them with so many problems coming at them at once that they seek refuge in the trivial and salacious gossip. In fact, they demand it from those that are suppose to deliver the facts of a story and not the titillation. Anything to keep their minds off the reality of the world around them because, since they no longer consider themselves exceptional they are no longer capable of finding solutions for these self-made problems that would and could have been easily navigated had they not forsaken the first causes of their founding.

I hold many responsible for the decline we are witnessing within the American Empire. The politicians, the guardians of the 4th Estate - our news agencies, the courts and the presidents that have held that center seat over the last four decades. However, the real persons responsible are us - We the People. We have stopped standing on that wall as the first defense of liberty. We have fallen asleep on our watch and as a result the barbarians are not at the gate - we have become the barbarians.

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