Saturday, January 18, 2014

President Obama Actively Pushing for Organizing for Action

Recently President Obama has been exerting a real effort to get the word out about Organizing for Action. He has been highlighting the organization across the various methods of the media, particularly across the social networking sites (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for which he and his administration are known to be very active participants.

I think it is important to understand what Organizing for Action is. After all, we have been down this road before with this president. One doesn't have to go very far back in time to remember the now legally defunct ACORN or a and the public relations disaster they could have turned out to be for the president if the liberal media had done their job as news agencies are supposed to do. Could Organizing for Action find itself someday in this same kind of suspicious setting?

Organizing for Action (ACTION) was started about a year ago. It's website boasts of what they call 4.4 million "Action Takers." Like most numbers coming out of this White House it isn't real clear what that means. Are there 4.4 million members, 4.4 million people signed on to check it out as I did or 4.4 million actual subscribers who donate their time, money and energy in helping to ensure the policies of Barack Obama are accomplished? Like the ACA website figures these numbers are a bit nebulous. They do say they have 421,243 donors which comes to about $37.14/donor (USD) so one can assume they actually have a bit over 400,000 actual donations in cash made to the organization. Also since its founding a year ago ACTION claims it has participated in nearly 11,000 events. According to the website these range from encouraging words online, by telephone or at actual meetings from the president and first lady given to certain volunteers, a massive call to end gun violence through active and aggressive gun control measures, trying to stop budget cuts even if the programs under scrutiny have been found to be impotent but are progressive in their outreach, addressing climate change with an emphasis on their idea that it is mainly caused by human beings, taking stands on women's rights (have no problem with this one) except it is mostly addressed from a more radical feminist point of view vs. an equality issue, pushing for the Obama immigration agenda by calling House Speaker Boehner's office on the phone literally every minute for a full work day; and on and on and on.

After looking into ACTION I have dubbed it ACORN and's evil offspring advocating only for the Obama Agenda and no other view. Put as pretty a face as you want on it, which they try to do on the surface at their website but it is yet just another political arm of the progressive attempt at moving this country further and further to the left of its founding principles. While it claims to be officially "non-partisan" to qualify for 501(c)(4) non-profit status, it is in fact a wing of the Obama Administration's continued move for CHANGE, a change that many times runs counter to the U.S. Constitution and is heavily weighed in favor of the president's policies, for which it actively campaigns and demonstrates or pickets for and has a strong alliance with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

ACTION disguises itself as a non-profit social and community welfare organization but is prominently staffed by current and former Obama Administration heavy-hitters. The Chairman of ACTION is Jim Messina, former campaign manager for the last Obama presidential bid in 2012. Obama's one-time main political advisor, David Axelrod serves as an ACTION consultant, the First Lady, Michelle Obama is a strong advocate for the organization and former Obama aide Jon Carson currently serves as the organization's executive director. Without a doubt, this is not a "non-partisan" group but, like ACORN in the past, is simply another pro-Obama group of politically-minded leftists bent on creating an environment conducive to ensuring their and the president's progressive agenda becomes modus operandi of this and all future administrations in the United States government.

Organizing for Action may be as innocent as its creators wish us to think it is. However, like all non-profit organizations that claim non-partisanship politcally while at the same time being weighted by such one-sided political leadership at its control center it should warrant further investigation from the proper governmental agencies to ensure that another ACORN is not growing in our midst undetected. The IRS has been very keen on investigating other such groups that lean a bit to the right, perhaps it is time for that old equality game and the microscope be zeroed in on ACTION.


Disperser said...

Maybe non-partisan means there are no competing views allowed.

Samuel Sloan said...

I suppose if we were to play the Bill Clinton game of word-play ("it all depends on what the meaning of is - is") then you can make it mean anything you wish. The IRS, on the other hand, likely takes it at its literal meaning of not playing favorites or taking political sides by overt support of any particular political candidate, or, Webster's - not supporting or controlled by a political party, special interest group, or the like.

501(c)(4), unlike 501(c)(3) does allow for a certain level of political involvement by an organization under that umbrella, but it still has very strict guidelines for such activity that must be adhered to in order to not violate the rules of the tax law code. I am suggesting that OFA probably needs closer scrutiny by the IRS or other investigative groups to ensure it is following those rules, especially with Obama's past associations that were spelled out in the article.

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