Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lib-Press Exonerates Obama-Clinton On Benghazi

The Senate Committee investigation over the entire Benghazi massacre is now out. The press has had their opportunity to rake over it with a fine-tooth comb, as have many of us who spend our days over these kind of enquiries. Most of the press have either simply ignored the results of the investigation or have contributed a few non-enlightening paragraphs toward it. Fox News was the first to let the public know that it had been completed and simply stated that the conclusion of the report was a scathing indictment of the way the State Department had handled the whole incident. Other more aggressive members of the fourth estate, although few in number, went so far as to reveal that the Senate report also held the State Department accountable since they had plenty of advance warning that some kind of incident was forthcoming and preparations, especially in Benghazi, Libya should be being made to ensure the safety of all American diplomatic and security personnel.

The Senate Committee does not name names in its report but for those who are familiar with how these investigations work the lay of the blame is very apparent - President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and finally their sheep being led to the slaughter (their scapegoat) Susan Rice, are ultimately those responsible for what happen to Ambassador Stevens and the men who sacrificed themselves trying to protect him.

While the report indicates this you would never get that kind of read from it if you only follow the antics on such so-called news agencies like MSNBC or The Huffington Post.

One thing you can always expect from MSNBC or the overt support of the progressive effort from online papers such as The Huffington Post is just how far they are willing to bend over to shove their noses as tightly up the ass of President Obama and Hillary Clinton to clear them of any connection to any decisions that are made in our government. What you should never expect from them is a clear reading of the facts of any situation, unless those facts somehow support their undying love and devotion to progressive liberalism and this current administration in the White House and State Department whom they view as the modern day messiahs of progressive thought. If the facts do not support their leftist-leaning liberal cause you can be guaranteed they will do all within their power to slant it to the point where it will look nothing like the original idea.

For those of us who spent any time in the military and know a little something about the concept of a chain of command, and also know how government really works then Benghazi was certainly a gigantic cluster-fuck from the TOP down. Obama is President - so THE BUCK WILL ALWAYS STOP WITH HIM no matter who he has placed in charge or comes up with excuses as to why he was out of the loop. Clinton was top dog at the State Department at the time as Secretary of State and anything coming out of State on that kind of level of catastrophe has to come from someone high up in her string of aides or directly from herself. She showed her cards at the Congressional hearings when she blurted out almost uncontrollably "What difference does it make!" when referring to the debacle of Benghazi.

The libtards over at MSNBC may be willing to give these two a pass but rational thinking Americans are demanding an accountability from our president and former Secretary of State. If we can't get it in the courts or through Congressional impeachment proceedings we will get it in November 2014 and certainly when Clinton runs for President in 2016. If not then, I have the satisfaction of knowing that KARMA is a bitch and will get its balance out of this. Ambassador Stevens and those who died trying to protect him deserve more than what those brainless neo-progs over at MSNBC, in this government and the progressive traitors of the Republic are giving to them and their families.

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