Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's About Content and Context

I was amazed by an entry made by somebody on one of the social media sites today. This person was simply flabbergasted at what he/she perceived to be an unabashed flurry of disrespectful comments thrown at President Obama. The person accused those making comments that reflect badly on this president as coming from some well of racism and loathing for anybody not of their race, creed, religion or color. The poster also had great concern over the possibility of Hillary Clinton being elected president in the next Presidential Election, not because of concern over her ability to govern but due to the fact that sexists in America would do to her what is being perceived as being done to Mr. Obama, except due to sex instead of race. A direct quote from this person's post is "Some Americans have legitimate criticisms regarding The President of the United States. After all he is only human, but some people will never approve of him simply because he is black . Call it playing the race card but it doesn't change the fact that there is still racism in the United States. Never have I seen such blatant disrespect for The President of The United States of America."

This poster must be either very young or very unenlightened to how politics is played in this country. At least he/she had the wherewithal to begin the comment by admitting that "Some" have legitimate criticisms concerning Obama but then addressed the issue of racism toward the president as if that were the overwhelming arc of criticism being leveled against the president when in reality it is the minority opinion as his first and second election to the office demonstrates. Yes, racism is still alive in America. It is slowly dying out as is sexism and so many other deleterious isms found here and wherever humanity resides. Racism is also rampant in other "civilized" corners of the world as well but that gong seems to sound loudest from the race card baiters here in America. Especially from those who seize upon it for political advantage, and that would include our own first black President. Mr. Obama and those supporting him have been quick to grasp at that straw lion whenever it suited their political strategy.

My response to this person would be to sit them down gingerly and say -- Never seen so much disrespect for a President? Please! Remember that white guy that was president before this current one? Talk about disrespect. He was called a murderer, a nazi, an Adolf Hitler, a right-winged Christian sycophant, a dim-wit, idiot, fool, a 9/11 infinitum. So, if you are going to make such rash and unfounded statements like "Never have I seen such blatant disrespect for The President of The United States Of America" please know your fallacious insight will not go unchallenged.

When it comes to having a woman as president, I am wholly for it if that person is the kind of leader that can get the job done according to constitutional law. The thing you should fear most from Hillary Clinton getting into that center seat in 2016 isn't that she is a woman but the fact that she could very well fall asleep at the switch like she did with Benghazi. Only as president the collateral damage would be far greater than the rape and murder of an U.S. Ambassador and his security detail.

Eventually, this person who did the posting and others who DO PLAY THE RACE and GENDER card on both sides of the issue will have to come to terms with the idea that for the majority of Americans it's not about the color of the skin or which reproductive organs one is born with - but it's about the content of their character and the context of their policies - both of which Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton have failed miserably on.

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