Sunday, January 26, 2014

Human Origins - The Great Debate Continues

I won't spend a great deal of space writing about the subject of human origins and the age old battle of creationism versus evolution because I generally don't like getting into that no-win debate since neither creationism or evolutionary theory can be empirically proven to be the means by which life on this planet came to be.

The newest anthropological evidence would suggest that human, or proto-human, origins began migrating out of South and Southeast Africa about 2 million years ago and we - homosapien sapiens - also migrated out of South Africa approximately 250,000 years ago eventually becoming the dominate homo species on the planet about 30,000 years ago.

When it comes to arguing for or against either creationism or evolution I'll simply postulate that G-d created all that is and is not and here on this planet at least, used a type of evolutionary process - of which we are only vaguely beginning to comprehend. Even the Jewish Bible's origin story found in Genesis Chapter One appears to be a pretty interesting argument for the G-d of the Torah having used some sort of evolutionary process in Its creation of living things. First life comes from the seas (oceans), then life on the dry land began to appear - creepy crawly things, reptilian life dominates for a time, then the birds, followed by mammalian life and finally - humans. Sounds kind of Darwinian to me. I see no conflict in a Supreme Being using whatever method It sees fit to use, and in our case at least, it appears It may have chose a type of evolution.

Then again, as far as humanity is concerned, we could be the genetic manipulation of a lower ape-like species, say homo-erectus - by a scientifically advanced spacefaring civilization who needed common brute force laborers to go into the mines of South Africa to extract gold -- ala, Zecharia Sitchin and the ancient tablets of Sumer.

Then again, none of this that we humans refer to as "real" actually exists at all outside of some elaborate holographic computer generated program. All that we think of as reality is just a form of entertainment for the crew on some eternal journey aboard a starship. Or, perhaps we are the programmers and gamers completely immersed in the game, and while in play, are unable to distinguish the holographic imagery of the game from our true state of being - at least until our game character dies or is killed off - at which time the gamer again becomes fully cognizant of their true self. Since Einstein has already proven that time is relative then what we in this "reality" perceive as time passing is also "unreal" and the player in the game may be playing for minutes, hours, days, etc. and the time we sense passing is all part of the holographic illusion of the game.

Then again, perhaps I'm just getting a really great buzz on at the moment.

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