Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Real Benghazi Scandal

The real scandal that is the centerpiece of the entire Benghazi debacle is something quite sinister on the part of Hillary Clinton and those following her lead in the State Department.

The Senate investigative report revealed that the State Department had ample warning that something serious was coming down in the way of an organized attack, most likely in Benghazi, against American interests in Libya - yet Clinton did nothing.

We already know from published emails and other documents that Ambassador Stevens had been sending the State Department urgent messages for months and weeks of the need for more security personnel for the consulate headquarters and other government buildings and workers to be protected from what he was witnessing as an increase in the threat level against Americans and American interests in the area - yet Clinton did nothing.

We know from sworn congressional hearing testimony from those in the intelligence community and military command that requests were sent to the State Department stating that they were ready, willing and able to go into Benghazi once the attacks had begun and they were positive they could get the Ambassador out of harms way with little to no casualties or loss of important equipment - yet Clinton did nothing.

Yet, for all that, the real scandal in this State Department mess wasn't all the infractions already listed but what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the approval of the Obama Administration, therefore - the President, did do, which was to try and cover-up their neglect in the region which cost the lives of an U.S. Ambassador and three of his security detail.

Hillary Clinton altered the talking points in order to put forth a completely different story that would hide her incompetence by her ignoring of all the security threat warnings she had been briefed on for weeks before the attack. Like a forger of a real piece of art Clinton and her boss, President Obama, set out to paint a totally new picture of the cause of the event by saying it was the result of a protest gotten out of control from Islamist extremists in Libya over an inappropriate anti-Muslim YouTube video.

However, after the Congressional Hearings and now the Senate Investigative Report we know what Hillary Clinton, her State Department and President Obama have always known - it was a well planned, well executed attack by terrorists against an American consulate on the anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks that resulted in the brutal and repeated raping and eventual death of Ambassador Stevens and three American security personnel. An attack, that the Senate report says was, completely and totally preventable if Hillary Clinton, as head of the State Department hadn’t fallen asleep while on watch.

Question is - After November 2016, when that phone rings in the White House at 3:00AM - whose phone do you want ringing? A person who while still awake is really asleep at the wheel such as a Hillary Clinton? Or, a President who will be ready to take that call, make the appropriate constitutionally mandated decision because he/she haven't fallen asleep while standing on that wall? You will get to decide the answer to that question in just a little over two years from now. Make the correct choice -- or be like Hillary Clinton and just say - “What difference does it make!”

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