Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clinton & Christie - Who's the Real Bad Guy Here?

The left-wing media is showing their true spots again. How? Well, how much did they actually report on then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's involvement in the debacle known as Benghazi-gate? Very little, in fact, the Obama Network (MSNBC) went out of their way to talk about anything but what happened at Benghazi with the death of Ambassador Stevens and the men who died trying to protect him.

Yet, someone in New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie's administration gets involved in some political shenanigans that backed up traffic on the George Washington Bridge and the press is all a twitter with how Christie was either part of the operation or should not be eligible to be president one day if he knew nothing about what his staff were doing behind his back to give him an edge in the election.

If memory serves the "I didn't know" mantra is a favorite of President Obama, while Hillary Clinton's catch phrase is "What difference does it make."

Perhaps The Joker sums it up best in this image and caption:

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