Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Abortion Goes Comedy Mainstream

On January 19, 2014 a group of well known comedians will be attending and performing at a big event that supports abortion. Called "Night of a Thousand Vaginas" where Sarah Silverman and "The Hangover" star Zach Galifianakis will host the benefit aimed at raising money for the Texas Abortion Fund.

Joining Silverman and Galifianakis on the podium will be Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, Steve Agee and other less than talented, wannabe funny nobodies. It will be held at the Largo Comedy Club in Los Angeles and as an indicator of just how far the left coast has slid nearer to the ocean, the $100 (USD) ticket price wasn't quite steep enough to keep the the mentally challenged progressive liberals away for all seats have sold-out. A sad commentary on our times.

As I was pondering this event over in my brain and trying to get a handle on just how intellectually dense this segment of the population in this country is to think this might even be sort of a good thing I suddenly remembered a bit of not too long ago history in which this same kind of mindset was running rampant in a so-called civilized society called Germany.

Have these supporters of abortion really thought this whole thing through on a logical, rational level?.....Or, are they incapable of that kind of sound reasoning and understanding. It is likely that they are completely unaware that their worldview on abortion and human rights was at one time the prevailing view in a great portion of central and eastern Europe just a short 82 years ago.

Each of us will come to a time when we will die, hopefully after a long, productive and happy life. However, for those who support the taking of life, at any stage of its development, it must be a nice feeling for them to know that when they die their epitaph will be they helped murder millions of humans. That kind of makes them a Hitler-type when you really stop to rationally think about it.

Adolph Hitler had decided that a certain type of human was not really human and therefore, that justified him killing them off without prejudice. Those supporting abortion have decided that an unborn and even a newly born child in today's society in America is not a human and feel justified in destroying its life as well. The difference being those who support abortion have murdered well over 6 million other human beings - so, I guess, mathematically that makes them worse than der Fuhrer.

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