Friday, December 13, 2013

Abbas and His Faux Peace Desire

I have been saying it, writing it and shouting it from the rooftops for years that the Palestinian leadership, whoever they are at any given time, really doesn't want peace with Israel. Each and every time a new treaty is laid on the table that gives them pretty much everything they want it is soundly rejected. The most obvious occurrence of this happened several years ago when Ariel Sharon was negotiating peace with the PLO leader Yasser Arafat. The Israeli Knesset voted to give Arafat each and every item he had on his wish list in the treaty. When it was granted to him Arafat soundly rebuffed and rejected the exact treaty specifications he was harping he wanted. On that occasion he didn't even give a reason for rejection but simply walked away from the negotiating table proving, at least to me, that he and any future Palestinian leader simply are playing their peace game in order to gain support from those who hate Israel while at the same time getting for more funds from the United States foreign office by pretending to be partners for a peaceful settlement in the region. After-all, the ploy has worked for decades so why on Earth would they stop now.

The most recent news coming out of Israel in these newest round of peace settlement talks being negotiated by United States Secretary of State John Kerry is that they have been accepted by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres but has suddenly been rejected by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. What is his reason(s) behind the rejection? His refusal to allow Israel to maintain a security presence in the Jordan Valley. Earlier in the negotiating it was hinted that Abbas was willing to agree to a temporary agreement on this security issue that would be implemented in stages allowing the Israeli security forces adequate time to ensure all settlements in Palestinian territory were adequately and safely vacated by Israeli inhabitants. Now in these last moments of the treaty signing Abbas has backed out stating that any delay in the removal of security forces and settlements would negate any peace treaty at this time. Abbas also didn't seem to respond to a threat from Secretary Kerry when he was told that the release of PA terrorists prisoners agreed to by Netanyahu would be delayed if Abbas failed to accept this new peace offer.

You would think the Israeli government would be use to this kind of bait-and-switch game from the PA. It has been the modus operandi of the Palestinian leadership for decades, however, at the insistence of the United States overlords, each Israeli PM continues to play the game right along with the Palestinians and act upset and surprised when it all falls apart at the last second. It may be time to stop the games and force Abbas' hand once and for all, however, to do this would likely further sever the already tautly hurt ties between the Israeli government and the Obama Administration and I'm not too sure Netanyahu is willing to cut that chord just yet.

So, where does that leave the current situation of peace/no peace between Israel and Palestine? Right back where it has always been and will likely stay for the near future - a very fragile stalemate that could erupt into a full scale conflict at the slightest misunderstanding from either side.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Good Than Evil in the World

This was so beautiful to watch. MUST SEE if you need reminding that there is more good out there than evil.

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