Thursday, December 5, 2013

Exaggeration To The Level of Absurdity

There are a lot of ways to try a get a point of view across to others. Blogs like this one, editorials, radio or video talk shows and the most successful and quickest way to get a response from your audience - the use of the cartoon. One well done picture has always been worth more than a thousand words, however, those words need to make sense to the logical mind or like the words it expresses a picture is just another means to reveal one's lack of coherent thinking and rational thought. One such image is the one shown above. The intent of the cartoonist is quite apparent and reveals just how biased and bigoted his/her view of the situation in the Middle East is.

I'm not sure what title, if any, the cartoonist gave this piece of ludicrousness but I have subtitled it "Exaggeration To The Level of Absurdity." Why? What is the difference between how this cartoonist sees events in that part of the world and the way I view them? The explanation is quite easily seen when one comes to understanding the difference between Israel's worldview and that of Iran. Israel has, despite the declaration of the opposite from its leadership, had nuclear capability for years and has never sought to use it or brag about how it would use it to exterminate its neighbors. Iran, on the other hand, doesn't even have the capability yet but is on the verge of developing its first viable nuclear weapon. What has Iran been doing very publicly? It has already boasted loud and clear for all the world to hear how its first significant event and use of their fine new fissionable toy will be the total destruction of the State of Israel.

The cartoonist, and all those who have his/her frame of reference have a misguided idea and definition of terrorism. Terrorism isn't having a weapon of mass destruction or even the will to use it. On the contrary, terrorism is the open threat to use such a weapon against another or the actual carrying out of such a threat. Something Iran is currently stating it will do.

The cartoonist, and sadly, many in the Obama Administration and international political leadership don't view Iran's acquisition of a nuclear device as the danger but feel they can contain the Iranian government from ever using it because they all overlook one very important point - they believe Iranian leadership are as level-headed about survival as the rest of the nuclear arsenal nations on the planet - and that is their flawed weakness and Iran's strength.

Again this cartoon is absurdity in the extreme.

**Publisher's Note**

For those who may think that I have mistaken the Palestinian flag for Iran should realize that in the real world Gaza, Lebanon and Syria are nothing more than puppet states and Iranian terror support outlets of Hamas and Hezbollah for the main Iranian goal of eliminating the Jewish State out of existence. The small rockets being lobbed into Israel from Southern Lebanon, from the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights on a nearly daily basis can easily one day be implemented with an Iranian nuclear device once they have that capability....and, you can be assured.....they will try.

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