Saturday, November 16, 2013

ObamaCare Implosion?

Looking back over the last nine presidents of the United States it always appears that those fortunate enough to get a second term ended up getting mired in scandal, lies, cover-up attempts and literal implosion. Since 1950 only Dwight D. Eisenhower seems to have escaped this apparent 2nd Term Curse. Lyndon Johnson got bogged down with the Vietnam debacle, Nixon self-destructed with Watergate, the Iran hostage affair brought down Carter before he was even allowed a chance for a second term. Even the modern day hero of the American conservative, Ronald Reagan wasn't immune. The Iran-Contra arms for hostages revelation was the one dark blotch on his otherwise stellar presidential performance. Mr. Clinton lied to the Grand Jury about oral sex in the Oval Office which led to the first impeachment of a president since Andrew Johnson. George W. Bush was destined for controversy simply because of the family lineage and he didn't disappoint. He got this nation into a war in Iraq by using, at best, dubious intelligence about Saddam Hussein having WMD's. That war, along with his lack of even mild federal oversight of the financial sector lead this nation down the path of near bankruptcy not experienced since the depression days of Herbert Hoover. Now we have President Barack Obama, the man of Change, the man of transparent leadership, the man of Trust. Will he continue the 2nd Term Curse? It appears he will and it comes with his number one signature legislation and the lies, cover-ups and lengths he and his cronies would go to fool the American people in order to lash them with a law that, along with President Bush's Patriot Act, could spell the end of constitutional liberty envisioned by the founders of the nation. That legislation is ObamaCare and two years into the president's second term it is falling apart. The best thing Republicans can do at this point is shut up, don't gloat, quietly keep up the political pressure, and let the law and those progressive liberals supporting it self-implode.

As a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA - a.k.a. ObamaCare) since October 1, 2013 over 5 million policy holders have had their insurance coverage canceled. Literally thousands of medical physicians within the UnitedHealth Group have been dropped. Most of those doctors were responsible for the geriatric care of the nation’s growing baby boomer elderly clientele. Premium costs have risen by as much as 65% instead of declining in price as the president and his signature law promised. The October 1 online roll-out of the .gov website was a total disaster leaving virtually millions without access to healthcare coverage signage. Even during Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius testimony on Capitol Hill the .gov site crashed after just a few thousand hits.

One of the most shocking revelations to come out of all this ObamaCare mess was the story about the persons on the other end of that telephone and website hired by the Fed to accumulate your private information for the ACA coverage. Called Navigators, many of those hired as Navigators were known criminals, hackers, and persons of interest deemed privacy act security risks. Add to that the fact that the HHS still hasn’t completed an end to end security check of the system; this with the Navigator fiasco opens up the government website to just about every kind of security risk imaginable.

The newest development about the ACA comes from America’s college campuses, specifically those colleges geared toward the education of minority students. It now appears that the ACA regulations have caused several colleges to cancel their student health insurance plans leaving many of their students uninsured and without any kind of healthcare coverage all, which is the exact opposite of what President Obama stated publicly his plan would do. This, along with his lie about those who like their policies can keep them, your rates will lower not increase and that it was secure should spell the soon demise of this horrendous law that should have never left the congressional floor in its current state in the first place.

This past week the House of Representatives passed a stopgap measure with at least 39 Democratic Representatives fleeing the Obama camp and voting Yay. This new bill will temporarily allow those who have received cancelation notices for their insurance to continue with their current coverage for a little more than a year. Temporary is right. Right now, while the momentum is moving in the correct direction, the House and Senate need to move forward with more than this band-aid to the ACA’s effects on American healthcare. However, if Republicans want to trip themselves up and have everything turn back in the President, Pelosi and Reid direction then keep sending spokespersons out there before the press and gloat over this short-time victory. Keep using lame words like, “this is a lemon” of a law. Stop playing politics with this. The ball is back in the right’s court. Plan a better strategy then “I told you so!”

I heard one reporter spell it out correctly. She said that the president got it wrong when he underestimated the intelligence of the American people and overestimated the willingness of the press to continue carrying his water for ObamaCare. She was 100% right on this assessment and except for the Obama Network (MSNBC) nearly every other legitimate news gathering agency have started reporting on how the president and his administration have been misleading the American public for at least three years on the real effects of the ACA on citizen’s health care and their pocket books.

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