Monday, October 28, 2013

"He Didn't Know!"

The new White House slogan: "He didn't know!"

The President didn't know about Benghazi. He didn't know about Fast and Furious. He didn't know that his key legislation's website wasn't ready for launch. He didn't know that his healthcare act would throw countless thousands of workers off their current insurance rolls leaving them stranded with no other option but the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), which they are now unable to adequately sign up for before being penalized. He supposedly didn't know that instead of costing less to the budget the ACA would cause an increase of over $10 trillion in new spending and raise ACA premiums to levels unaffordable by many. He didn't know about NSA spying on allied world leaders. Obama never seems to know what's going on around him.

I spent about thirteen years in the military, eight years working in the Veteran's Administration medical system and another thirty years in the private sector. I have worked in restaurants, bowling alley, radio studio, the inter-webs, top secret installations, medical clinics and hospitals ranging from 130 beds to nearly 1000 beds. In all that time and under all those different scenarios I have never come into contact with any leader of those organizations that was so out of touch with what their primary duties were as much as President Obama appears to be with his.

I have little doubt that the president knows his last golf score or the grades his two girls got on their most recent report cards. But, if those coming forward in D.C. who think they are shielding him from criticism or responsibility by using the catchphrase "he didn't know," they are sorely mistaken. If President Obama did know of the aforementioned items then he is inefficient and incompetent at best and at its worse he would be responsible for the murder of several American human beings performing their sworn duty to protect and defend The United States of America, just as if it was he himself who pulled the trigger on them. He would be guilty of allowing the phone tapping and spying on allies such as the German chancellor and who knows how many others by the National Security Agency. And, he would be guilty of purposefully lying to the American people, his supporters and to small business owners about the truth of the costs of his "ObamaCare."

If any of these worst case scenarios are true then he should be impeached as quickly as possible. If he is simply incompetent at his job, then he should put the needs of the country first over his personal ego and plans and step down now for the good of the nation.

How long would a company put up with a CEO like that? How long should Americans?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Israel Warns Tehran Big Time

Israel has sent warning to Tehran this week that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon the Jewish State will have no alternative but to act swiftly, completely and militarily. The raw statement came from Israel’s deputy defense minister after government statements out of Iran revealed that the terrorist sponsoring State was only one month away from having enough uranium to build its first nuclear weapon.

“We have made it clear, in all possible forums, that Israel will not stand by and watch Iran develop weaponry that will put us, the entire Middle East and eventually the world, under an Iranian umbrella of terror,” stated Danny Danon, Israel’s deputy defense minister.

Anyone living on the surface of planet Earth who doesn't think Iran is seeking and will build a nuclear weapon is one of three things: in denial, ignorant or supports its efforts.

It is a fact that the American and EU sanctions against the radical Islamic country are working in so far as causing hardship among Iran’s common citizenry. However, its effect on the religious and civilian leadership of the country has had no effect whatsoever. It was hoped by President Obama and those other countries supporting the sanctions that it would give the leaders of Iran pause as they witnessed the suffering such sanctions were causing their people. These kind of sanction policies have worked in the past. Yet, it hasn't deterred their efforts to acquire fissionable material one iota. In fact the sanctions appear to have had the opposite affect on the Ayatollahs making them more determined than ever to get their bomb.

According to the U.S. president no measure dealing with Iran’s insistence to acquire a nuclear bomb has been removed from the table, however, like so many of this president’s warnings in the past, this one too appears to have little weight behind it nor is it taken seriously by Iran and its main ally and sponsor Russia.

This fact leaves little room for Israel since that small nation seems to be the center of Iran’s nuclear ambition. Iran has insisted it will destroy Israel at the earliest opportunity by literally blowing it away. The only way that can be achieved would be by the use of a nuclear device. Therefore, with this latest pronouncement from Iran that they are just one month from having the material needed for such a device Israel will be forced to do what the United States and the EU are all too hesitant to.

Israel acting unilaterally for its very survival would turn the Middle East into a literal Armageddon. Every Muslim and Arab nation in the region would be dragged into the Israeli-Iran conflagration which would ultimately force the greater world powers to step in as well. But, sad as it is to think about, Iran acting irrationally and irresponsibly can only have one response from Israel. When you live in a country where in some locations your borders are only eleven miles apart and overall you are about the size of the American State of Delaware, the smallest of U.S. States, then any threat, particularly a nuclear one, must be taken seriously and dealt with immediately, perhaps even preemptively.

While Iran may be only a month away for having weapons grade uranium it would still take time to build a missile capable of delivering its payload into Israel. However, the real fear isn’t Iran building a missile which would take quite a bit of time to not only build but ensure it had the ability to reach its target; the real problem is Iran doesn't need a missile to get their bomb into Israel. In a much quicker timescale a small device in something as simple as a backpack could be stealthily brought into Israel by any of Iran’s puppet terrorist groups from Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon or Syria and detonated anywhere in the Jewish State. This is the main reason of concern that aroused deputy minister Danon to make the statement he did. He and everyone in Israel knows that if Iran is only about thirty days from having the material needed for the bomb then a delivery mechanism for such a device can't be far behind, if not already sitting and waiting for it.

The big question now after this new revelation out of Iran is this: What kind of response came out of Washington D.C.? Simple. Nothing substantial. On Friday both the White House and U.S. State Department stated that they will wait and give new sanctions a real shot at working. In other words, a BIG PAUSE.

While Israel may be faced with the biggest decision of its existence its supposed number one ally calls for a pause to allow toothless sanctions that do not seem to affect or deter Iran’s efforts at getting their nuclear bomb. In the Middle East the United States has become impotent to the nth degree.

If Israel is forced to act, and I for one, support any action they feel necessary to protect themselves from a relentless foe vowed on their destruction, then the world need prepare for what could well turn out to be the very thing it claims to always want to avoid - World War III.

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