Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Suicide Terrorists Are Not Believers in Their G-d

Those who kill themselves (and others in the process) are not religious at all but at their core are unbelievers in the very Supreme Being in whose name they are doing these horrific acts.

If you are going to believe in a G-d of some sort or another, a being infinitely greater than the sum of all Its creation then a person must at least attempt to honor the one great thing this G-d has bestowed on all of It’s creation, that thing being life.

A case in point is U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan. He is the man who in 2009 killed 13 innocent bystanders at Fort Hood. Recent investigation into his case has revealed that Nasan is seeking the death penalty for his acts of terror against fellow soldiers and fellow Americans (Hasan is a U.S. born citizen). Like many Islamic extremist who usually commit a suicide act of terror taking out many others with them now Nasan thinks he can still go out as a martyr for Allah by having the Army courts do what he failed to do back in 2009, that is, get himself killed.

The wounds he suffered during his mad rampage has left Nasan a paraplegic and he now believes that because of his condition life imprisonment would be too much for him to bear so he is seeking death by lethal injection at the hands of the U.S. Army. Hasan had told the panel that investigated his state of mind during his initial trial that he had hoped to have been killed by the military police during his murder spree. That panel determined that he was not mentally fit to defend himself but Nasa has since dismissed all his attorneys from his case. A military judge has now allowed him to defend himself but only with a legal representative by his side to offer assistance as needed.

The state of Hasan’s mind, as well as the mind of anyone who would do such horrendous acts in the name of any real or imagined G-d is questionable at best and belies the true condition of their lack of belief in that same Almighty being. Nearly all religions profess that their G-d’s greatest gift to creation was life itself and to wantonly take another’s life in the name of that G-d runs counter to that baseline belief and reveals the real heart of that person committing such an act - they are by definition devoid of true belief and are insane.

We who are sane should not put to death insane people regardless of how badly they want to die. As far as Hasan in concerned, the greatest gift we human beings could give him is life in prison forever bound by the limitations of his self-imposed paraplegia.

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