Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What is BDS? And, why is it bad for the world at large?

What is BDS? And, why is it bad for the world at large? That is the two questions I want to address. I have been keeping an eye on this group for a while now but it has gained little attention until just recently when renowned physicists Stephen Hawking became an active part of it giving it international status.

The BDS Movement is an organization designed to bring attention to what it considers an injustice being brought about by the nation of Israel upon the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. The BDS accuses Israel of denying Palestinians rights to freedom, equality and self determination. BDS claims this is accomplished by the Israeli State by the use of ethnic cleansing, an attitude and practice of colonization, racial discrimination and military occupation. The BDS was created to try and put a global face on what the Palestinians consider ill treatment from Israel. BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) hopes to accomplish their goal of basically cutting Israel off from the rest of the world by getting individuals, other nations and corporations to cut their business, national and professional ties to Israel. Hawking has proven himself a follower of BDS policy by boycotting an upcoming scientific conference that was to be held in Israel. With more international attention and light coming to this movement it is now high time the microscope be turned on the BDS so that closer scrutiny can be engaged on it to get a better look at what their agenda truly is as it relates to Israel.

The BDS claims that its only purpose is to ensure that Israel end its occupation and colonization of “all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall.” To understand what the Palestinian Arabs are asking we will need to travel back several decades to June 1967. Israel was living among the Arabs at that time in a very shaky peace agreement which the Arabs themselves broke by wantonly attacking, without provocation, Israel who was quietly residing within U.N. established borders at the time; the same borders the Arabs now want Israel to retreat to once again. The “occupied lands” gotten by Israel during that Six Day War were gained by the loss of many innocent Israeli lives after Arab attacks. If the Arabs weren’t happy with Israel living within the prescribed borders at that time why would anyone think they will be now? It is ludicrous and absurd for anyone, especially of Hawking’s stature, to believe that such an idea would stabilize the region, unless they are either a Palestinian sympathizer, anti-Semite, or smoking fairy dust. The only thing that has kept the more radical elements of Palestinian aggression at bay (i.e. Hamas, and PLO) for the last five decades has been Israel’s resolve to make sure they never again gain a strong foothold in the disputed areas. And they never will, BDS or no BDS.

The BDS also claims that another of their main focus points is for Israel to recognize the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian to return to full equality. I’m not real sure what that is suppose to mean because all Arab citizens of Israel have full and equal rights and aren’t treated any differently than anyone else be they Hebrew, Gentile, Jewish, Muslim or Christian. As an Israeli citizen all Arabs vote equally with every other ethnic and religious group, have elected members and Arab parties in the Knesset, participate in fair business practice, own shops, restaurants and other business enterprises just like every other Israeli citizen. They pay their taxes, participate in the Israeli healthcare plans, own homes or rent apartments like all Israeli citizens. Therefore, if BDS is speaking about Arabs that are already citizens of Israel then their point of equality is moot at best and totally unfounded. If, however, the BDS is pointing the finger at Palestinian Arabs within the borders of Palestinian lands such as Gaza or the West Bank then that point too is unfounded since Israel has no jurisdiction in those Palestinian controlled lands. Those areas are controlled by the governments that the Palestinian people themselves have elected to have govern over them. In the case of the West Bank it is the more publicly moderate Palestinian Authority (PA) currently led by Mr. Abbas. For those living in Gaza they have chosen the more radical terrorist organization Hamas to be their rulers. So, in those lands the Palestinian Arabs are basically in more poverty, less organization, treated unfairly, under the militant arm of radical Islam where women cannot even show their face or drive an automobile, and all citizens must bow to the burden of sharia hardship. Yet, those who are Arab Israeli citizens living in Israel share the same freedom and liberty of all living within the borders of a free State of Israel. Therefore, if the BDS wants to Boycott, Divest and Sanction anyone in the region perhaps they would be better served to look in their own backyards and stay out of Israel’s.

The BDS would like Israel to honor UN Resolution 194 once again. That resolution, which was passed on December 11, 1948 by 35 of the 58 member countries of the time was initiated in order to bring an end to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, a war by-the-way that was begun by Arab States not happy that the same U.N. had granted Israel its independence and a home in the region. Basically resolution 194 Article 11 calls for the right of return of Palestinian refugees left homeless as a result of the Arab aggression against the State of Israel. Several points of this resolution have been disputed by Israel and other countries over the years due to some of its vague language so other resolutions to try and clarify this particular Article have been put forth over the ensuing years. However, when taken at face value Israel has honored the proposals of the initial resolution by offering the availability of full Israeli citizenship to all Arabs wishing to live by the laws of the Knesset Parliamentary government. Multiple thousands of Arabs over the last six decades have taken advantage of the Israeli policy and have become active and vital citizens of Israel without relinquishing any of their rights as Arabs. They are Arab Israelis who own their homes and lands, shops and businesses and their Muslim faith. Everyday they participate in the normal ebb and flow of life within Israel which sadly includes sharing in the dangers of being bombed, shot or stabbed from their so-called fellow Arabs living in Gaza and West Bank who try and kill Israeli citizens of any ilk nearly every day of the week. So again, if the BDS is truly concerned over the well being of their fellow Arab Palestinians living in the region they need look no further than those living under the hard-armed rule of Hamas and the softer but also aggressive banner of the PA. Did anyone ever consider that those Palestinians, particularly those living in Gaza, are called refugees because they are trying to flee, not Gaza necessarily, but the stronghold the terrorists authority of Hamas has over their lives? If they really love freedom and equality perhaps they see it happening in the lives of some of their relatives that have become law-abiding Israeli citizens and that is what they crave, not land now lived on by Israelis, but the same freedom they see being experienced on that land by other Arabs who are Israeli citizens. Is it not possible that the average Palestinian Arab would be just as happy to stay in Gaza or the West Bank if they shared in the same freedom, equality and prosperity they see happening to Arab Israelis within the borders of the State of Israel? Is it land these average Arabs want or is it freedom from the the assault on their lives from groups like the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah and now this ridiculous concept of BDS?

Do Hamas, et. al. want the land? Of course they do. More land grants them more leverage and power over the lives of more and more Arabs, as well as the total liquidation of every Jew in the region. Yet, most Arabs simply want what nearly ever other average person on the planet wants, peaceful, productive lives where they can experience their greatest potential for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No more, no less.

Is the BDS a good thing for Palestinian Arabs? I think not. It is nothing more than another calculated political move from the more radical Islamic elements in the Middle East to gain control and power over the masses. What they know will not be achieved by years of physical battle with Israel they now hope to achieve through political and economic means. They could care less about the freedom and equality of the Palestinian Arab. If they did then the regions they already control so handley would be experiencing this equality the BDS preaches about instead of the ongoing poverty, inequality and total lack of what most humans would consider basic human rights. The BDS is nothing more than another attempt to bring in those who feel guilty about their own “lucky” lives, or are secretly anti-Semitic, or anti-Israel. This allows those like a Stephen Hawking to feel good about themselves while at the same time accomplishing very little in the way of true progress toward the freedom and equality those Arab Palestinians living outside the borders of Israel need most.

Those with even a slight amount of working brain matter know the true intent of the BDS. They know it has little to do about freedom for Arabs but everything about trying to hurt the only democratic nation in the region that has not and will not ever bow down to radical Islamic Arab aggression regardless of the face it might be wearing at the time.

"Israel does not fit the description of an apartheid state and instead, the media ignores the real problem, which is in the Muslim world." - Dr. Qanta Ahmed

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