Monday, December 23, 2013

Israel Takes Brunt of More Bombings

Over this past weekend (December 20-22) during Shabbat rockets once again exploded within Israel's northern and southern regions.

Missiles were sent off from Syria and exploded in the Golan Heights. It would appear that Israel may not have been the intended party in this attack but is connected to the ongoing civil war within Syria between the government of Bashar al-Assad and rebel troops wishing to overthrow the oppressive Assad regime. However, Israel continues to be the innocent bystander in these mis-targeted attacks and this isn't the first. There been several of these off-target rocket attacks in the Golan Heights region.

There are rockets almost daily being fired into Israel purposefully from Hamas and Iranian supported terrorists that are exploding into southern Israel. Several such rockets found targets in civilian populated areas just last night in a small town near the city of Ashkelon. Israeli Jews and Arabs from several of Israel's southern communities were forced to find shelter at a moment's notice. The point of origin of at least two of the rocket launches has been determined to have come from the heart of Gaza, Hamas controlled Palestinian territory.

Israel, as it has always been for the last 5,000 years, sits strategically between enemies to the north and south, both with a formidable array of missiles destined for Israeli communities. The increased need for more portable bomb shelters continues to be a priority for these smaller outlying towns especially in Southern Israel but also a growing priority in the North with the Syrian rebellion seemingly unstoppable.

If you are a lover of Israel and all its people - Jew, Arab or Gentile - there is something you can do to help with the need for more bomb shelters, particularly since the bombing of Israel is becoming an almost daily event.


Checks can be sent to United With Israel's US address:

United with Israel

PO Box 151

Lawrence, NY 11559

United States

Checks can be mailed directly to Israel:

United with Israel

8/19 Nachal Maor St.

Box 71530

Bet Shemesh 99623


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