Saturday, November 9, 2013

ObamaCare - More Frog in the Pot?

There is one grossly overlooked fact about the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), a.k.a. ObamaCare, that gets skipped over by most who are against this atrocious piece of clap-trap disguising itself as coverage for all.

That one important element is another chunk of freedom harvested out of the hands of the individual citizen of the United States of America. It is the old frog in the pot scenario. Put a frog in a boiling pot of water and it will jump out immediately. However, place the frog in a cool, relaxing pot of water and gradually increase the flame under that pot and the frog will acclimate itself to the change until it is pot-boiled to death without so much as a twitter to jump out. That is exactly what the ACA and lots of other types of legislation that has come out of Washington D.C. over the last two decades has been designed to do, slowly acclimate a growing uninformed, uninterested public into accepting whatever comes to them from the hands of the federal government and seeing it as a beneficent provider for their well being, health, happiness and life. You know, the exact thing that the Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights was suppose to allow the individual to do for themselves - not the government. Those documents were designed to keep the government at bay so as to allow each person individually to go out and seek their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness without fear of federal intervention preventing them from that great calling.

 There have been lots of different laws that have come out of Washington over the years that have curtailed such endeavors, particularly going back to Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, the greatest threat to personal freedom came at the hands of George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress during his eight year tenure as president. That piece of legislation dealt a huge blow to liberty and took the biggest bite ever recorded out of the founder’s idea - The United States Constitution. That law is known as The Patriot Act. After the devastating attacks on this nation on September 11, 2001 people were devastated and looked to their leaders for direction and guidance only to be handed the biggest pair of handcuffs to personal liberty and freedom this nation had ever experienced in its nearly 300 year history.

The second most disturbing piece of legislation came out of the Barack Obama administration known as The Affordable Healthcare Act. I believe it will prove to be the final big nail in the coffin of the kind of freedom expressed by the founders of this great experiment called America. We are quickly learning that it is neither affordable nor does it provide for adequate, acceptable healthcare. It is in fact just another in a long line pieces of clap-trap from Washington D.C. to synchronize and harness more power around the Fed, particularly the Executive Branch of government to control one of the most basic needs of human existence, access to medical treatment.

If you choose not to participate in ACA and have no other "acceptable" insurance, then you are fined, or as the Supreme Court called it, "taxed" by the government for not taking advantage of the ACA. This sounds a lot like arm twisting from the Fed to me. If I choose not to be covered I get taxed for that decision instead of left alone to my own devices. Big Brother always knows what is best for each and every individual and if you don't comply - Big Fine. Or, god forbid, at some time down the road as we give more and more power to one branch of this government, they don't FINE but APPREHEND for non-compliance.

There are those who would argue that the ACA simply requires the individual to become a responsible citizen by forcing them to acquire at least some form of acceptable coverage so as to lift the burden from society as a whole from picking up the tab left behind by them when they get free healthcare on the dime of those who have insurance. Sounds benign and benevolent enough on the surface. However, the ACA doesn't require a person to become responsible by obtaining healthcare, it fines one to do so. And, if, as it surely will, the current small fine doesn't compel more to sign up then the fines will gradually become steeper and steeper until it becomes apprehension and imprisonment for being an irresponsible enemy of the State by not participating in a Fed run program designed by our benevolent overseers to better humankind and society as a whole.

Still others argue quite effectively that the ACA offers good healthcare and why would anyone forgo such a great plan. Good healthcare before ACA meant people got and paid for the exact kind of coverage they needed and nothing more or less.

There are those now losing their adequate health insurance coverage as a result of what the ACA calls inadequate coverage by those polices. This will force countless thousands, even millions onto the ACA rolls or cause them to have to purchase more expensive private insurance that would be acceptable to the ACA criteria. The ACA one-size-fits-all coverage really equals paying for coverage not needed by many after they lost coverage sufficient to cover all an individual's covered needs. ACA includes unneeded coverage for many, such as maternity care, birth control care, child care, etc. For those who need that and can afford it under the ACA, that’s fine and dandy. For those who don't and can find what they need on the open private enterprise market at a better price, they should be allowed to purchase it without fear of losing it due to ACA law.  It's called freedom of choice, free enterprise capitalism at work - the bases of a free  economy that has driven the financial success of this nation for almost 300 years.

If someone needs all that the ACA offers but can find it on the open market at less cost to them then they too should be allowed to purchase that policy without fear of interference from the ACA law.  That too is called free enterprise capitalism.

If someone doesn't want any coverage then the only law that should be changed is the Tort laws that state emergency rooms cannot turn away those coming into it for non-emergent care without adequate medical coverage.  If not being covered was the free will choice of the citizen then they should be issued a government card that states such which frees the medical facility and its staff, the government and the courts from any claim brought forth by said citizen because they were refused care that would have been provided for them by the government ACA law.  Sometime a person simply needs to be held accountable for the choices they make freely and without regress. That too is an individual's right and freedom. It's called freedom to choose.

The greatest reason the ACA is wrong and a great attack on individual freedom is that it forces people to become a part of it or pay a fine and then without Tort reform those who pay the fine still can get free healthcare from any ER across the country, which defeats the proposed purpose of the ACA legislation, which was to help bring down healthcare costs.  It should simply be one of many options open to the American public. It's like someone said - If the ACA was such a good thing then there would be no need to have to force it on the public.  Just offer it as another free choice which is what a free society expects from its elected government.

Perhaps there are those who get some kind of false sense of security by nestling in the arms of the Federal system, however, I am not one of those.  Why? Because the downside is always greater than the up and nothing is free but always has a price tag in the end that almost always becomes chains.  It's the ole frog in the pot scenario all over again.

How many times must we ignorant human beings keep trudging down this soggy road until we finally wake up to these same old tactics of control of the masses?

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