Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not Talking Points - Just Numbers by the Books

With these new revelations about that Disaster From The Master called The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) many of my friends on the left side of the political spectrum have been laying it on thick trying to cover it over with rhetoric, White House talking points and just plain foolish, over-the-top excuses. On the social media pages, such as Twitter and Google+, which I must admit, I frequent like a coke-whore on a hot Saturday night; this woe-be-moaning has also crept over into those time honored Obama fiascoes' like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, TSA and the NSA and all the old and new lies harvested from them coming out of professional and amateur pundits, as well as the Administration itself.

Just recently I was brought to task by one of those amateur pundits on all the above with such non-sustainable rhetoric as, the president is insulated against the moves of such agencies as the NSA and IRS...Fast and Furious has been laid to rest and was originally a Bush's a lie that many people are losing their current insurance plans or that their rates will increase as a result of The Affordable Healthcare Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare; and who cares about Benghazi anymore, not even the Republicans on the Hill are any longer concerned over it..etc., etc. and blah, blah blah.

To these and other such rhetorical quips coming from my left-sided friends I have only a short, albeit, I hope more rational and substantiatable response.

Believe it or not I awarded a few years in my younger days to be a vital part of the intelligence gathering community spending several years in remote, out of the way locations across the globe and right in the States as well doing what our fine men and women of that honorable service have always done, protecting this nation's most vital assets, information and personages from undue foreign and domestic harm and intrigue. While it has been a few years since those days much of what I did is still classified and I will go to my grave carrying it closely to by breast until I can at last spill my beans to my great Creator - provided of course He, She or It has the proper security clearance.

That all being said unless things have drastically changed since my intel days, something as illegal as phone-tapping or reading the emails of private citizens always had to come from the top dog or we wouldn't adhere. If it didn't come from the Oval we simply referred to plausible denial. In other words we never saw or heard about it. I hope like hell we haven't gotten that lax here lately and if I know the NSA's dubious rep for CYA (Cover Your Own Ass), it hasn't.

As to those other issues mentioned above they are not Fox News Talking Points, as much as the MSNBC Talking Points and other left-leaning pundits wish it were. It is very much still in the mainstream thoughts and topic of conversation in middle-voting America. You know those types - the hard working, blue collar, foundation element of the American citizenry which still bear the title of the silent majority.

For anyone to say that Fast and Furious was just an extension of a GW Bush program is the worst of all cop-outs. Obama was supposed to be the president of Change. He certainly didn't change that. Why not? Oh, and nobody died under the Bush program. Just got lucky I guess, or perhaps it was better management since it was Vice President Dick Cheney's baby and not Attorney General Eric Holder's. Either way I didn't support it under either administration. The one Bush program I did support was removing terror combatants to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That is another of those Bush programs that Mr. Obama didn't change and continues to foster, however, the left isn't too keen on reminding everyone about that one.

When it comes to The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) the left claims every time anyone brings up the Obama lies or reminds us of the websites continuing disaster they simply are using these to bring down the program because it is a law they on the right never liked, wanted or supported anyway. While that is certainly true it doesn't change the facts of what those doing so are bringing to light. If anyone is spouting rhetorical BS as it relates to the ACA it is those in rabid support of it and its creator, President Barack Obama. What you will never hear from those types are these facts - not talking points - but literal, by-the-numbers facts is as of November 4, 2013 alone the actual number of health insurance policy cancellation notices due to the ACA has been 3,697,300. Let me spell that out for those who have a hard time reading numbers - three million, six hundred and ninety seven thousand and three hundred cancellation notices have gone out to current policyholders because their preferred coverage doesn't meet with ACA's standard of know things like maternity care, birth control coverage; those things everyone over 50 years of age will need. The ACA is a one size fits all coverage which is standard fare for government inclusionary systems. If you wish to forgo then your premiums will increase by again here comes some actual numbers, depending on your age and location - from 24 to 65%. Is this what an elderly couple barely in the middle class on a fixed retirement income or a young couple just starting out and paying off those horrendous student loans need from their government in this struggling economy? If they don't currently have healthcare after these facts become known to them then they certainly will after, especially those over 50 with a weak heart. All the above numbers can be verified and are available in print via multiple news sources such as CBS News, Kaiser Health News, The Washington Examiner, Philadelphia Business Journal, Fox Business and CNBC - just to name a few of the more "reputable" sources.

Perhaps those on the left and those who will love Obama to the grave can let Benghazi slide so easily from their memory banks. I know the president and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appreciate that kind gesture on their part. But most, again, the hard working middle class, middle America voters haven't and aren't likely to do so anytime soon. It is a sticking point especially to the military class, many of them high ranking officers in the corps with some holding ranks of General or Admiral who have even lost their jobs by voicing their displeasure over their Commander in Chief's decision to have left those men hung out to murder. Of course, the Pentagon, for instance, is denying that General Ham was removed for his outspoken remarks over Benghazi but as one of many who served with the Armed Forces for well over a decade I know that except for extreme circumstances a commander is not relieved in the midst of a highly important exercise except under dire circumstances - which is exactly what happened with General Ham and Admiral Gaouette - almost immediately after their disapproving comments. There were no dire reasons at that time and it is highly unlikely that it was a circumstantial occurrence of events for both men. Those of us familiar with the military know exactly what happened here. They pissed off the president, their boss, by outing him publicly. While I understand, as I am sure they did too, the repercussions for such action, I say, thank G-d for men of honor like these great military giants.

That should about cover it for now. I'm sure there will likely be more coming my way since Barry's avid supporters don't like it when their man is left looking bad...So, I'll be standing my post.

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