Sunday, November 24, 2013

Not a Game For Israel - It's Life and Death

If the last 55 years of history has taught us anything, or should have taught us, it is this: Never place Israel in a precarious situation. They will find their way out of it, and it usually doesn’t end well for anyone caught in their path. This is exactly where the United States, Russia and many of Israel’s European allies have left the Jewish State - stuck in a corner with no way out but by force.

With the recent diplomatic cave-in at the Geneva conference this past week which has given Iran just about everything it wanted without any real need to prove their nuclear slow-down capabilities the tiny nation of Israel has been placed in what it considers a no-win scenario (a.k.a. The Samson Protocol) for them and the entire region.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is now left with very few viable options. He can back-off and cow-tow to his American overseers and accept the few morsels that fall from its table; it can rebel against its fair weather friends in the U.S. and Europe and strike Iran hard and fast, or, it can negotiate with other regional enemies of the Iranian State. The problem with the last choice is many of Iran’s enemies in the Middle East loathe Israel even more. That being said it must be noted that Israel and Saudi Arabia may be close to a self-defense pact between the two nations that would call on each to defend the other in case of an Iranian attack on either.

Perhaps as an indicator of the direction the P.M. is seriously considering was Netanyahu’s statement to his own cabinet once the Geneva talks fell flat. ”Today the world became a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world made a significant step in obtaining the most dangerous weapons in the world.” Netanyahu was also quick to remind anyone listening, including his so-call friends in the White House that since Israel, and others in the region, are not bound by this “historic mistake,” if necessary Israel would go it alone and “defend itself by itself.”

I have learned over the years that Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t make idle threats. If this one is intended to be understood that Israel would take all necessary action against a nuclear Iran, you can take that to the bank and cash the check.

In recent months the United States State Department has gone out of its way to try and make Israel look like the bad guy during these ridiculous Geneva talks. One has to question why, when the sanctions have been working so well, would the Obama Administration be so keen on relieving Iran’s burden now, knowing full well it will get no real assurances that can be counted upon that the terror supporting regime in Iran will stop going after its own nuclear device. Why does President Obama seem dead-set on backing its only real ally in the region into a non-negotiable, non-acceptable corner in which the only way out is a deadly strike by Israel upon Iran? Is this what America wants? To allow Israel first strike and leave America and Russia to sort out the clean-up details later? If so, then the current administrations in the White House and the Kremlin are true amateurs and playing the deadliest of chess games that may well end in world conflagration. What they fail to appreciate is for Israel this is no game - it is life and death - and Israel never plays to loose -- Never!

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