Friday, November 8, 2013

Did He...Didn't He..? Either Way the Republic Is In Danger

President Obama had to know his lie would catch up with him sooner than later. If not then that leads to several disturbing conclusions:

1. He really is a pathological liar unable to distinguish when he is lying from when he is being truthful.

2. He really didn't read his signature plan and had absolutely no idea what he has fostered onto the American people until now.

3. Isn't really in charge of anything or anybody but is simply the mouthpiece, the liaison, the puppet, the facade, the cardboard mannequin, the front-man for more sinister elements behind the throne who only knows what he is told to speak, sign and address.

4. He really knows he is lying, doesn't care that he is lying and will continue lying because it has served him so well throughout his entire life.

Anyone of these FOUR are dangerous to the health and future of this Republic.

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