Monday, October 14, 2013

"Will You Fire On Americans?"

This video reports on a supposed question being asked by President Obama to prospective new military officers considering enlistment into the United States military. If only one percent of the information being espoused by the creator of this report is true then the future of liberty in the United States is in dire trouble.

This is a MUST SEE Video from WHDN Boston and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Jim Garrow: and The Democratic (TDU) claim this is just another wacko out there proclaiming an unfounded conspiracy about another President ready to take over America's freedom and replace it with tryanny. Are SNOPES and TDU correct? Or, is Dr. Garrow another in an ever growing voice shouting in the wilderness that it is time for the complacency within the American heart to awaken to the danger awaiting them?

You decide.

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