Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cruz 20-Hours of Fame

Senator Ted Cruz is not Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. That doesn’t mean he is uneducated on the filibuster but he did prove, unlike Mr. Smith, the time he spent showboating on the Senate floor was more an exercise in building up his own political base for any future elected office he might seek and not out of some benevolent act of self-sacrifice for the public good, or even the good of his own party.

Mr. Cruz spent a tad over 20 hours on his feet attired in his Sunday best and spoke eloquently the whole time about the evils of ObamaCare, how it should be de-funded and why ultimately the entire program should be entirely scrapped. I have little disagreement over that issue and applaud him making it quite clear where 70% of the American people already stand on that particular program. That was the surface lining of his nearly day long talk but there was an underbelly that had absolutely nothing to do with ObamaCare and everything to do with who will lead and what will be the future of the Republican Party.

At the heart of Cruz’ real intent was just the opposite of what a past great Republican leader did. Cruz definitely wants an extreme right conservative GOP and remove every moderate and slightly left-of-center member from its wings. His 20 hour speech was a mainly, though veiled, call-to-arms to the extreme right-wing base of the Republican Party to wage war against itself, to make no room for the likes of a McCain or a Graham. Give no quarter to those in the middle, the moderates of the GOP and to capture with a vice-like grip the policy of the party starting in 2014 and onward.

The idol of the Republican Party, former President Ronald Reagan must be rolling over and moaning in his grave at the sight of his vastly divided Grand Old Party. Unlike Senator Cruz, then Governor Reagan, soon to be President Reagan, tore down the walls that divided the great caged Elephant. He gave the mighty beast room to grow and breath and move and expand by opening it up to all who hated the idea of an extreme left-wing liberal-led America. This meant making room for the McCains within the political spectrum and the George Herbert Walker Bush’s of the GOP as well as those more harder to the right like himself, the Goldwater Republicans and even those like today’s Cruz wing and the Libertarian quarter which today is led by Senator Rand Paul. The tent was big under Ronald Reagan and the country was greater and better off for it because it allowed for negotiations, compromise, finesse in legislative endeavor which produced results in which everyone from all sides, even the Democratic side under their House Speaker Tip O'Neill , got something they wanted while President Reagan basically got all he wanted. However, Senator Cruz of Texas, whether he would ever admit to it or not, is bound to rip the GOP apart, to destroy what this country’s greatest modern President built over his political lifetime, a strong, centered, principled and robust Republican Party. Cruz, wants his party to be a 3D printed cutout of himself and his ideology and it makes no room at all for anyone or anything that doesn’t toe his particular agenda and policy line in the sand.

I want the party of Ronald Reagan back. I hope it is possible to regain that Grand Old Party and not see it go the way of Truman and JFK’s Democratic Party that was soon eroded away after their deaths by the ultra-left wing liberal progressives that we see today with leaders like Pelosi and Reid.

If Senator Cruz and those like him have it their way there will be two diametrically opposed political parties in the United States - the Leftist-Progressive Democratic Party and the Ultra-Conservative Republican Party. There will be no room for those wishing to govern this great country from the middle, the only place where progress can be made. You will either be required to totally align with one side or the other with no room for compromise and governance and that spells nothing but disaster for the future of a truly free Constitutional America.

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