Friday, August 23, 2013

Mr. President, Leave Ben Alone

I was listening to a bit of the EIB Network this morning in the car while waiting for my wife to drop off something and return. Rush Limbaugh was discussing the state of the American level of political priorities and revealed that actually has a Remove Ben Affleck From Batman Role petition up on their site. What makes this trivial matter something worth my time writing this is that normally for all petitions on if they receive more than 100,000 votes on any petition President Obama has promised to make it a priority for him or his cabinet to address whatever that particular petition is concerned about. Rush was trying to point out the fact that many Americans have a very low threshold of understanding of what is really important and I would have to agree with him as there are already well over 5,000 signatures on this petition just in the few moments it has taken me to write this one paragraph. The big question is - Will Mr. Obama use his political influence among the Hollywood elite to forcibly remove Mr. Affleck, a staunch supporter of the President? If this were any other time in history, I’d take odds that someone as important and powerful as the President of the United States wouldn’t even spend a second on this issue; but, we live in different , crazy times today, and I patiently await the Affleck Presidential New Conference.

Now on to something more important and that is:

I’m not sure why the harping on ole Ben. He is an excellent, Academy Award winning writer, an exceptional director, a good producer and a fine actor, plus he is married to the beautiful Jennifer Garner so his ability to make fairly good choices isn't in question, at least not since 2005 when they married. His portrayal of George Reeves (1950′s TV Superman) in “Hollywoodland” was stellar and his multi-Oscar winning film “Argo” was stunning to watch as was his equally mouth-dropping performance in “The Town.” In fact, the only B-rated performances from him were “Daredevil” and those two horribly unmentionable pieces of tripe called “Gigi” and “Jersey Girl.”

But, we all have those moments in whatever career we are engaged in that we wished we hadn’t decided to do this or that. So let’s see the tally: He has made nearly 50 films in his 32 year movie career and a couple were mediocre and 3 were atrocious. You'd be hard pressed to find any actor with that many films under their belt that didn’t have a flop or two, including the likes of a De Niro, Pacino and Walken.

So, please, leave Benny alone!

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