Sunday, July 14, 2013

FBI Says Zimmerman Not Racist but Fed Wants To Go After Him Anyway

DOJ weighing civil rights case at the request of the NAACP after Zimmerman cleared of all charges:

You will have to forgive me but my language will be a bit blue in this posting, so for those offended by such words note that you have been warned so read on at your own risk.

Give it a fuckin' break already. George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers and acquitted of murder and manslaughter. After months of investigation FBI files clearly show he was not a racist. He never broke Florida gun laws. It was proven in court he acted in self-defense. What the hell more do they need to quit this needless shit storm. The Feds are never happy unless they are stirring the pot of shit-stew they constantly have brewing.

Duck and deflect, duck and deflect is all this is about

I'm sorry Trayvon Martin is dead. Hell I hate it when any of our children die, especially the ones we send into war zones for shit-ass reasons. But there is no longer a case here. The court proved beyond reasonable doubt that Zimmerman didn't set out and with determination or premeditation single out or target Martin. Civil rights violation? What civil rights violation did this Hispanic American propagate against this African American? They got into a needless altercation while one was on a legal neighborhood watch. It led to needless violence and ended in the death of a young man (not a little boy as the press would like us all to believe), and also led to the ruined life of another man with a wife and children of his own.

The whole damn thing is a fuckin' travesty, but it isn't a travesty of justice. The system worked in this case and now the Fed wants to deflect and make it a big civil rights show investigation which could lead to a grand show trial. What a bunch of horse-shit. It starts getting too hot for the Obama administration so time to duck and deflect with a nice little distraction that could drag on for months on end and close out exactly where it started with a not guilty verdict. However, the Fed, the NAACP, the press and all those with something to politically gain will have a field day with this.

Well, at least the attention of the weak and small-minded American voting public will be diverted from what is really going on in the White House and on the floor of the Capital Building with their own civil rights and liberties all at stake.

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Jenn Omeara said...

I am with you all the way on this one, I do believe this is a racist issue, not a "white vs. black" instead a "black vs anyone not white".. The facts just speak for themselves. WTF is the president doing? Anything he can do to deflect the medias attention away from the real issues.
While I am bitching, to hell with Beyonce and her moment of silence, she married a drug dealer, (he no longer sells drugs he sells records) and Kim Kardashain there is no justice for Trayvon (bitch your daddy got OJ off!) and Roddy White and his the jurors should committ suicide for their verdict tweet. I had the fortunate pleasure to sit as a selected juror on a murder trail in 2002. It was heartbreaking, it was informative, it was at times boring with the testimony (everyone has to spend a full hour or MORE telling you why they are there, ie the cop went to school, got a justice degree in 1995, necessary training blah blah blah ) It was one of the most interesting things I have done in the name of civil service. Everyday I had front row to the justice system, and their full attention! I also got to see the defendant, and the victims family, and when pictures went up of the victim before & after, well it has only been the after that has stayed with me to this very day. The point of this confession is to explain, what if my trail was as closely followed as this one? What if It was being protrayed as a gender or race discrimination issue? What if my verdict resulted in me fearing for myself & for my familys safety? It would not have been nearly as interesting, it could have been the most fearful thing I had to endure in my life! I think about all those jurors, all are woman, five are mothers, and not all white, none were black, SINCE everyone is keeping track, and I think about the hard decision they had to make, and I believe they are brave.

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