Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam (featuring @goremy)

Not so subtle but all so true.

Facebook blocked me yet again when I tried to post this link to the video. It has been revealed that Facebook is in bed with the Obama administration by the releasing of personal data of their Facebook members and clients to the NSA and possibly other organizations within the U.S. government and apparently my talking about it on this site and through my Facebook account riles them up a bit. By sending me a blocking notice for 30 days (not their first notice) stating that what I post doesn't fit into their idea of social media is a joke. I read their rules and nothing I have posted on their frivolous site betrays that agreement, in fact I have read other postings from both organizations and individuals, that were a lot more inflammatory than anything you will ever read here on P.I.D. that was also linked on the Facebook site. Facebook acts like they are the only true social media voice on the inter-webs. Well, guess again Mr. Zuckerberg. In fact I have a prediction: If Facebook and Google continue their unholy alliance with a government that is beginning to show itself more and more out of control in terms of its unconstitutional behavior, then within the next decade both Facebook and Google will be nothing more than a simple footnote in the history of internet growth. They will become the next AOL and MySpace.

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